Journalists How Do You Know It Was A Real Accident?, Methusela Fumes | COMMENT.
8 November 2020
Allegations were on Sunday raised to suggest that the late businessman Genius Kadungure’s Rolls Royce burnt car, sustained bullet holes, a development which is meant to imply that the socialite who passed away following an accident in Borrowdale-Domboshawa road together with three other colleagues on Sunday morning, was murdered.
There were 4 holes seen at doorside just as the flames continued their blaze. Some newsreaders have that these are bullet holes. But sources at the accident give their own accounts alleging that Ginimbi was simply speeding.

The following is the discussion viewed on an amarteur video recording as allegations are narrated: The car was flying, the motor was flying, repeats one source at the spot.

Where was he coming from?, asks an onlooker.

“Ginimbi was coming from that direction and wanted to hear oncoming traffic, he overtook that car, but the boys also appear drunk,” replies a man in his 30s at the scene, dressed in a red t shirt.

Another adds saying, “they are truly drunk these!- vakadhakwa ava!”

Meanwhile, several sources narrate that there were vigorous physical attempts to open the vehicle using metal tools so to save the other accident victims after Ginimbi had managed to escape. A side video recorded by the state media shows a police officer using an axe to open the doors.
The aforementioned narrations at the scene collaborated with the official police account.
The holes would have easily been as a result of such efforts before, during or after this video was shot.
If they are truly bullet holes, such evidence, if it exists is still to be seen

You say accident, how do you know ??‍♂️??‍♂️did you do any investigative journalism? how come he didn’t have his shoes on at the scene ?, asks Methusela.