Bhebhe Leads Race For MDC-T Presidency
9 November 2020

9 November 2020

Wezhira Munya

MDC T led by Khupe will hold its presidential nomination meeting today in Mat. North.

The nomination process was triggered by supreme court ruling that compelled all 2014
MDC T structures to elect president at extraordinary congress to replace late president Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

MDC T acting President Khupe, Secretary General Mwonzora, National organiser Bhebhe, Chairperson Komichi and National member Mudzuri are battling it out to be MDC T president.

Yesterday, MDC T held it’s first nomination meeting in Bulawayo.

One 2014 MDC T provincial member in Bulawayo said, “National Organiser Bhebhe won the election, but other contestants such as Mwonzora, Mudzuri did not accept the results.”

Senator Mwonzora got 7 votes, Senator Mudzuri got zero votes and Senator Komichi zero votes.

Surprisingly, Senator Mudzuri and senator Komichi voted at the Bulawayo meeting yesterday. The question still remains, “who did they vote for?” in addition, Senator Komichi and Mudzuri had election agents. The question is, how did these agents voted for if their candidates got zero votes?

The Bulawayo nomination results were rejected therefore according to Mr Dzambara “there must be a re-run.”

Mr Warship Dumba who is senator Mudzuri’s campaign manager said
“MDC T nomination meeting in Bulawayo was chaotic. Great improvement is needed.”

In addition, on the leaked chats on MDC T group Mr Dzambara attacked Dr. Khupe and MDC T leaders for not suspending honourable Bhebhe.

below are leaked chats:

[08/11 21:14] e dzambara chr: Givemore l told you that don’t trust these ….. Only trust yourself. Why didn’t they expel Bhebe. Takusiyiwa pachena vamwe can go back to Wamba
[08/11 21:14] e dzambara chr: We have no leadership … Kutadza kupefzisa chinhu changa chamira… Vega havo nxaaaaaa.
[08/11 21:15] +263 77 400 5117: Ldrshp ngaisvinure iwone. We told them kuti no recalls no nominations. Vakarera imbwa nemukaka, hezvo pazvasvika. Kana tichitaura imboteereraiwo
[08/11 21:15] +263 77 283 7961: So painful
[08/11 21:16] +27 61 662 8894: Inosvinura sei iyo iri pabasa
[08/11 21:17] e dzambara chr: Maleaders aya will go back to Wamba.

MDC T Secretary General Mwonzora tried to suspend honourable Bhebhe after he demanded physical national Council, National Excutive council and standing committe meetings.

However, due to fear of 2014 MDC T structures senator Mwonzora et al refused to call for physical meeting and resorted to virtual meetings citing covid-19.

Surprisingly, MDC T is holding nomination meetings now, covid-19 is still there.

In a snap survey this morning, Derrick Amuli said, “In Mat. North majority of MDC T 2014 structures are pro-Bhebhe. Bhebhe has gained lot of support after he challenged Dr Khupe and Mwonzora in court. Bhebhe fought very hard for all 2014 MDC T members to vote. Remember SG Mwonzora expelled many 2014 MDC T members including the deceased former Masvingo provincial spokesperson Mr Dusty. In addition, Mr Bhebhe exposed $7 million dollars that was misappropriated used by MDC T Khupe and others.”

In addition, Mr Bhebhe is regarded as unifier.

This is in contrast to senator Mwonzora and Dr. Khupe who has successfully recalled many MDC Alliance members of Parliament, senators and councillors. These recalls have been perceived as “an act of vindictiveness and helping ZANU PF to have majority in parliament” said, Mr Mudzuri supporter.

Senator Mwonzora’s campaign message is centered on constitutionalism. He claims to have single-handed the success of “defeat of MDC Alliance in court.” said, Mr Tapera his supporter in Midlands who is in Mat. North campaigning for him.

Mr Kudakwashe who is campaigning for Senator Mwonzora said, ” Mr Mwonzora could have won easily. However, he went overdrive on recalls and made police to arrest youth such as Gorekore. These moves were dangerous to his presidential ambitions. “

However, Dr. Khupe’s supporter said, “It’s wrong for senator Mwonzora to claim victory in court cases alone. It was a collective.”

Dr. Khupe has some support from Mat. North. However, her disadvantage is that she is being perceived to be Zanu PF proxy after her engagement with Mnangagwa in Polad and her recent appointment as leader of the opposition in parliament by Mnangagwa.

Senator Komichi and senator Mudzuri have never campaigned in Mat. North.

Senator Komichi’s campaign message is premised on “Baba Abraham and General Tsao concepts that have failed to resonate with 2014 MDC T structures.” said, Mr Ncube.

On the other hand, Senator Mudzuri campaign team led by Mr Warship Dumba said, “Mr Mudzuri is mature and unifier. ” However, MDC T structures are asking where did Mr Mudzuri tried to unify people? Mr Mudzuri failed to stop vindictive recalls said, Mr Chigombo.

Will senator Komichi and Mudzuri get zero votes in Mat. North today?