Mthwakazi Republic Party Accuses Matabeleland Chiefs Of Dishing Out Prime Land To People From Mashonaland
11 November 2020

Paul Nyathi

Mqondisi Moyo

Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) a Mthwakazi cessation proponent political party has written a strongly worded letter to traditional chiefs in the Matabeleland region complaining about the allocation of prime land in the region to outsiders specifically Shona speaking people.

According to the party, Shona speaking people have been accorded most of the very fertile lands by chiefs who they accuse of being captured by ZANU PF and its leader Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In the 14-pag letter dated November 9, 2020, MRP leader Mqondisi Moyo also accused the traditional leaders of being sellouts and Zanu PF appendages.

“Of late, I have been engaged by thousands across Mthwakazi concerning the land issue.

“People want to know what is happening with their land. The outcry is that people from Mashonaland have taken land in Mthwakazi.

“You as the traditional custodians of the said resources have neither done nor said anything to stop this provocative move,” wrote Moyo in the letters addressed to 79 chiefs in the region.

Moyo cited Section 282 of the Constitution which he said mandated chiefs to promote the cultural values of their communities, facilitate development, resolve disputes and perform other functions expected of them by an Act of Parliament.

“Our chiefs have been captured by Zanu PF government. Your powers over your own jurisdiction have been pruned. Contrary to the call by the Constitution that you must not be politically affiliated, an estimated 85 percent of you have since been reduced to Zanu PF puppets, which is a very sad and destructive development.

“We have also gathered from our intelligence that the majority of you are Zanu PF cardholders, making you easy prey for the ruling party. It is no surprise that even on land related decisions your wings are clipped,” Moyo said.

The party also expressed concern over the way the Gukurahundi issue is being handled by the government.

The government recently tasked the national chiefs council led by chief Fortune Charumbira to lead the process of exhuming and reburying victims of the 1980s government atrocities.