All Eyes On MDC Alliance As Hong Kong Opposition MPs Resign In Protest After 4 Were Sacked For Lack Of Patriotism.
12 November 2020
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Hong Kong MPs at press statement

All eyes are on MDC Alliance MPs after Hong Kong’s opposition legislators announced they are resigning today after four of them were sacked for lack of Patriotism.

Hong Kong’s opposition lawmakers yesterday told journalists they would submit their letters of resignation on Thursday.

This was after China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee passed a resolution this week saying any lawmaker who supports Hong Kong’s independence, refuses to acknowledge China’s sovereignty over the city, threatens national security, or asks external forces to interfere in the city’s affairs should be disqualified.

The Hong Kong Government has disqualified four legislators — Alvin Yeung, Dennis Kwok, Kwok Ka-ki and Kenneth Leung.

“Today we will resign from our positions because our partners, our colleagues have been disqualified by the central Government’s ruthless move,” Wu Chi-wai, convener of the pro-democracy camp, said at the news conference on Wednesday.

“Although we are facing a lot of difficulties in the coming future for the fight of democracy, we will never, ever give up.”

In farewell comments to reporters outside the Chamber on Wednesday, disqualified legislator Mr Kwok said he would “continue to fight for the core values of Hong Kong”.

The four had already been barred from running for re-election after authorities deemed their pledge of allegiance to Hong Kong insincere.

Commenting on the development SAPES Trust founder Ibbo Mandaza asked, “An interesting development in Hong Kong where all legislators are due to resign tomorrow in protest at 4 of their members who were sacked by the Administration for lack of “patriotism” to the Motherland.
What a contrast to our opposition in Zimbabwe – compliant and obliging? ”

Responding, the MDC Alliance said in a statement on Twitter: “MDC Alliance MPs suspended participation from Parliament following the earlier recalls.

“This was pending consultation with constituents. When consulted, the constituents expressed the strong view that the MPs should remain in Parly & not hand the vote to ZanuPF on a silver plate.” – Source – ABCNews