Teachers Union Accepts New Govt Salaries Offer Calls On Its Members To Return To Work ASAP
17 November 2020

Paul Nyathi

The Zimbabwe Teachers Association, ZIMTA, yesterday accepted the 41 percent salary increase by Government, including allowances plus an additional 10 percent risk allowance, setting itself for a collision with other teachers unions that have rejected the offer.

The latest increase will see the least- paid teacher earn a little over $18 000.

Zimta the largest and oldest teachers union, yesterday advised all its members to return to work while the association continues to press for improvements in conditions of service.

In a statement, Zimta national secretary-general Mr Tapson Nganunu Sibanda said they expected teachers who live at or near their schools, or at least in the same town or city, to be back in their classrooms this week while the association expected those that have a long way to travel to report as soon as they had received November salaries and so had the money for transport.

Teachers should contact their schools and tell them when they will be reporting for duty and why there might be a delay. The education authorities already knew about those who needed to get their salary before travelling long distances.

In its statement last night Zimta made it clear that it expected the authorities to back-peddle on disciplinary action as teachers who considered themselves to be incapacitated to work reported to their schools and that there would be no “overzealous” action. Zimta, like other unions, said it would continue to press for more improvements in pay and conditions of service.

“ZIMTA remains actively engaged in the search of improved conditions of service, salaries and allowances and is now putting together 2021 strategies, taking into cognisance 2020 setbacks,” said Mr Sibanda.