Hopewell Chinono Exposed To A Massive Disease Outbreak At Chikurubi Prison
19 November 2020
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Paul Nyathi

Hopewell Chinono

Lawyers representing jailed journalist Hopewell Chinono have raised concerns at conditions at Chikurubi Prison where their client is incarcerated after a msss breakout of diseases was reported from the centre.

Lawyer Doug Coltart revealed on his social media platform that there was an out-break of diseases at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison and was worried about his client’s health.

Coltart said he was informed of the out-break of bronchitis, hepatitis B and TB at Chikurubi, while his client was moved to a cell with over 46 inmates.

Wrote Coltart:

“We are concerned about Hopewell Chin’ono’s health. We’re informed there is an outbreak of bronchitis, hepatitis B and TB at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison and he has also been moved to a more overcrowded cell (46 inmates in a cell with capacity for 16).

“The conditions in our prisons is unacceptable & needs to be urgently dealt with holistically by Government – not just for Hopewell but for ALL prisoners who are affected. Even convicted criminals have rights. At law, prisoners are punished by depriving liberty, NOT their dignity.”