ZESA Introduces New Tariffs And Powerbands
19 November 2020
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Local power utility, ZESA, has reviewed electricity prices and powerbands for the month of November. The changes were revealed to TechZim who contacted ZETDC to make an inquiry on the prices after the power utility had hinted on reviewing them. These tariffs took effect on the 14th of November. Below are new prices and powerbands as revealed to TechZim:

Consumption Bands Price (ZWL$) Est Price including 6% REA
First 50 units 1.63 1.7278
Next 50 units 3.27 3.4662
Next 100 units 5.73 6.0738
Next 100 units 8.17 8.6602
300 units and above 10.28 10.8968
Prices for first time purchases:

50 units $86.30
100 units $259.70
200 units $ 866.02
300 units $1732.00

Below are the old tariffs and powerbands for comparison.

Consumption Bands kWh Price (ZWL$) Estimated Price incl. 6% REA
1 – 50kWh 1.67 1.7702
51 – 200kWh 3.65 3.869
201 – 300kWh 9.92 10.5152
Above 300kWh 15.57 19.5042
The new ZESA tariffs and powerbands show that the upper and lower powerbands are a little bit cheaper at ZWL$1.63 (from ZWL$1.67) and ZWL$10.28 (from ZWL$15.57). But the bands in the middle are where the prices have increased.

With the old prices you bought 51 – 200 units at a static ZWL$3.65, but now the next 50 units are priced at ZWL$3.27 while the next 100 units are at ZWL$ 5.37.

All of those units were under one charge but are now separately charged at a more expensive price.

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