Mthuli Ncube Confirms Zim Workers Are Under ‘Slavery’
20 November 2020
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Remarks by Finance minister Professor Mthuli Ncube that government workers are the highest paid in the country outstripping private sector employees is an open confirmation that Zimbabwean workers are under modern day slavery.

Professor Ncube bragged that Government is currently the highest paying employer in the country and pay scales for public servants far outstrip what private sector players are giving their employees.

He went as far as challenging anyone who disputed his assertion to come forward.

Minister Ncube’s comments come after civil servants this week accepted a 41 percent salary increase by Government, including allowances, with teachers getting an additional 10 percent risk allowance, breaking an impasse that had seen the tutors refusing to return to work for several weeks, crippling efforts to resume learning and examinations following Covid-19 disruptions.

“The lowest paid civil servant right now is on $14 500. A teacher right now will be earning close to $19 000. And the lowest paid civil servant is actually an office orderly. We are way ahead of the private sector in general,” Minister Ncube said, adding that the hard working public servants were well looked after.

Compared to what other public workers are earning in other countries, Zimbabwean workers both in government and private sector are working under slavery.