Outcry Over Masotsha Audio
24 November 2020
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By Jane Mlambo| The MDC Alliance has come under increasing pressure following a leaked audio in which MDC Alliance Bulawayo provincial Women’s Assembly Chairperson Tendai Masotsha was heard saying ZimLive editor, Mduduzi Mathuthu’s nephew Tawanda Muchehiwa told her that there was a serious plot to bomb government buildings.

This comes on the back of an MDC Alliance internal inquiry which exonerated Masotsha of any wrongdoings in the abduction and torture of Muchehiwa.

The report was heavily opposed by Mathuthu, Muchehiwa and Professor Jonathan Moyo who felt the MDC Alliance had failed the nation by not doing justice on an issue of infiltration.

Following the leaked audio, in which Masotsha threatens to spill the beans on what she says were plans by Muchehiwa to cause mayhem in the country, the noise has peaked again with the party being accused of protecting an infiltrator.

Below are reactions from social media users over the leaked audio:

Elias Mambo

Dear @nelsonchamisa This Cheyahumani is something else… @hwendec nyaya ngaidziriswe iyo… I said it here and I will not hesitate to say it..This is one classical example of infiltration.. @JamesonTimba did you listen to the audio

Professor Jonathan Moyo

TENDAI MASOTSHA’S audio is a confession by a senior MDC-A official that she conspired with Mnangagwa’s Ferret Force; as an informant cum agent provocateur to get Tawanda abducted & tortured for ALLEGEDLY planning with 20 people, some foreigners with guns to burn public buildings!

Tawanda Muchehiwa

Tendai Masotsha sounds exactly like my abductors when they were torturing me. That she claims I told her of these plots further suggests she was source of that fake intel. That conversation never happened. Only sit-down was in a car with @DrNyashaForMP. Did he overhear this?


If Ms Masotcha was rescued from Police cells by CIOs and then later defended by Mr Hwende what does this tell us? This tells us a story and goes back to same Integrity Committee needed in the party, the SG needs to clear his name. Those who attacked me where are you?