“Prophet” Goes Into Hiding After Being Bashed For Distributing Love Charm To Small House
26 November 2020
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Tinashe Sambiri|Controversial Masvingo preacher, Isaac Makomichi who has been attracting attention for the wrong reasons in the past few weeks, has reportedly gone into hiding after being bashed by a woman who accused him of wrecking her marriage.

Impeccable sources revealed Makomichi was confronted by the irate lady who accused the preacher of distributing love charms to a small house who snatched the woman’s husband.

Several women have also accused the cleric of destroying their marriages by distributing the love charm to single ladies.

It is understood the controversial preacher has gone into hiding following incessant pressure from disgruntled women in the ancient city of Masvingo.

“This time he will not get away with it, we are ready to take him on.Our marriages are crumbling because of the love charms,” fumed one woman.

Sources say the charm causes men to sell their belongings and abandon their respective wives for small houses.

Pressed for a comment on the matter, Makomichi’s personal assistant said:
” What are you talking about? The prophet is out of town for a prayer retreat, is that what you call going into hiding?

He will be back in town very soon.”