Auxillia Mnangagwa Spotted In Domboshawa Road Driving in A Reduced Motorcade…….
27 November 2020
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By A Correspondent | First Lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa was on Friday morning spotted in Domboshawa road driving with a reduced motorcade of only 2 cars, a Range Rover and a Toyota Hilux.

Her normal entourage comprises:
7 cars minimum: 3 in front, Range Rover in the middle, and 3 other cars at the back.

She was alone in the back seat; At the front was her driver and a female bodyguard.
In the twin cab were 3 people, 2 male, and 1 female.

Inquiries by at the time of writing could not establish the reason for her humble appearance.


The development comes against the backdrop of a rift between Auxillia  and her husband, Emmerson, and as at mid last year, an audio recording surfacing of a woman sound-a-like the First Lady, pleading with a military intelligence officer to kill her husband in her stead. 

The audio which surfaced around July, has ‘Auxillia’ telling the army officer he could go ahead and kill Mnangagwa.

“You are spying on me, if you ask Manjoro he will tell you that I told him that I will ask you about it, what do you want from me Murombo?

“If I die, it is on you who’s done it,” she continued.

She added saying: 

You were using Manjoro to tell you of my whereabouts and now that he is gone you have started again.”

The woman then continued ranting saying

“Just tell me what you want from me Murombo because you cannot spy on me. It is almost a year and I have been quiet.

“Why are you spying on me? Why?”

She added:

“This matter wont stop. I am coming to your office, it is better you pull out your gun and shoot me.”

Just as the male at the end of the other line tried desperately to answer her, the female voice continued demanding answers: 

“Who are you telling my whereabouts? What do you need that information for? I am coming to deal with you,” shouted ‘Auxillia.’

She then told him to kill her husband in her stead. She said:

“If it is Mnangagwa whom you do not want just kill him and leave me alone I have my own surname, I do not speak politics, I do not speak about the army, what if I die another death do you think you will survive?

“You planted Mhlanga in my office as low in rank as he is, do you think I am a fool. I am a trained somebody. You are seeking to deal with Mnangagwa through me through tracking my phone, am I Mnangagwa?” she asked.

Towards the end, she began pleading for the soldier to spare her life. She said:

“You are stupid, I will expose you, I do not care about your post but you personally. I am shocked. I am just a woman, a granny but I have powerful people like you spying on me. Go shoot Mnangagwa and spare me. I am no threat to anyone.

“Go and shoot Mnangagwa do not shoot me, I am not a threat, go and shoot Mnangagwa,” she said. – ZimEye