GAME OVER FOR MNANGAGWA: Zimbabweans Set Up Govt In Exile | VIDEO……..
30 November 2020
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Miles Munroe

It was Miles Munroe who said, “you must become the answer to your own prayer.”

The man who accurately predicted his own death, and who for years running, would fly his private jet into Harare, spoke out in a sermon saying: “…the world cannot heal itself, but whatever you can avoid you can never change, so you must become the answer to your own prayer. Stop asking God to send someone to heal your country.

“Do you know how long people have been praying for their governments and their countries are still collapsing?

“You cannot expect righteousness from an unrighteous person. I mean that is so simple but it went right all over your head. You know the person is a demon, you say, ‘help us Lord, I pray for my Government.’

“How can you pray for a demon to be good? The Bible does say, when the righteous are in power, the people rejoice, not when the demon who you pray to be righteous is in power, pray to be righteous, no. He says, when the righteous are in power, the people rejoice.

“The same verse, says, when the wicked rule, the people groan, I wonder how many countries are groaning, the poor, the oppressed, the widows, the children, the young people, are groaning, people losing their houses, and their sanity, losing their jobs and their business, and losing their health and cant even get medical attention because they ai’nt got no money, they are groaning.

“He says that’s because the wicked are in power.”

Zimbabweans in diaspora have sat down to set up a government in exile, and a building has so far been secured in London.

The group behind this initiative represents the citizens who number a whopping 7 million: 5 million in South Africa, 600,000 in UK, and the rest in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, and other parts of the world.

Why this has been done? – One of the conveners tells ZimEye, “These people have said they will not allow a criminal, Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa to control their destiny.

“They are not under the man’s tiny territory of terror, and of these 7 million, 85% will never return to Zimbabwe for the next quarter of a century, and 60% will be buried outside Zimbabwe, so why should this group allow itself to be subjected to abuses every day?”

They then emphasise- ” we have run businesses that are doing well, we have started NGOs, and even churches that are thriving – what stops us running a simple institution called a government? And do we need an army? Not at all, all we need is us, following examples of previous exilegovernments that were successful in changing their people’s lives such as Poland in the 1940s, and others.”

Another convener, Mr Stanford Biti, speaking on ZimEye yesterday says of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s new Patriotic Act law, “there’s an legal government in Zimbabwe, which is forcing people to be patriotic, which is impossible you cannot force a person who is in exile… you cannot force someone who fled Zimbabwe because of your persecution to be patriotic; It’s impossible”

So how will the government in exile work? –

The last 80 years has several examples, Poland is one of them – it was run by an exile govt which paved way for freedom in the 1940s, and in our time, we have seen the likes of the Libyan Council running the country from the diaspora in 2011, even striking international deals on behalf of the nation’s masses, parallel to an ongoing dictatorship. JOIN THE PROGRAM TONIGHT AS WE INTERVIEW THE CONVENERS.