Ndebele Royal Family Accepts Mnangagwa Hero Status For Lobengula’s Warrior
3 December 2020
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The King Lobengula Royal Trust has welcomed the recent posthumous conferment of national hero status on General Mtshana Khumalo by President Emmerson Mnangagwa saying it was long overdue.

On Sunday, Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister, Kazembe Kazembe, visited the Khumalo family to announce the news of Gen Khumalo’s national hero status. Peter Zwide Khumalo of the King Lobengula’s Royal Trust said:

We have received it (news) positively though we believe that it is evidently a much-delayed action because we had independence in 1980 and it is about 40 years down the line now.

We think the government has made a positive move to recognise one of us’ hero status, particularly of historical times.

All along what they have considered as heroes are people that fought the war of independence and yet the war of independence did not start off with the recent guerrilla armies – ZANLA and ZIPRA and so on.

It started off with our forefathers – King Mzilikazi and their commanders and King Lobengula and his commanders.

According to CITE, Gen Khumalo was the commander of King Lobengula’s Imbizo Regiment which defeated the colonialist Allan Wilson Patrol at the Battle of Pupu on December 4 in 1893.

Gen Mtshana was also the overall commander of King Lobengula’s other regiments namely Ingubo, Insuka and Insizwa, Ihlathi, Isiziba, Amavene, Mazibalonkwe, Mcijo and Ingwana.

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