Communities Blast Govt’s Lax Approach To Rescue Trapped Ran Miners
4 December 2020
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Ran Mine

By A Correspondent- Bindura communities have blasted government over failure to offer support to families of victims who perished in the Ran Mine disaster.

Families of the estimated 30 men who are feared dead when the mine collapsed last week have been camped at the site for over a week now.

Ran Mine

Ran gold mine, which is situated 70 kilometres north of Harare collapsed in Bindura last Wednesday, trapping an estimated 40 illegal gold panners.

It is reported that only six men emerged alive from the disaster while leaving an estimated 30 others trapped and unaccounted for, according to officials. Rescue efforts delayed to start off and only started 3 days later after the tragedy.

Ran Mine

The generator used to drain the 100-metre-deep mine shaft jammed and another one had to be sourced, a development that delayed the rescue effort.

Said a local villager only identified as Moyo:

“These women, men and children are traumatised. From day one when news filtered in that their relatives had been trapped underground, these people had hope that government would move in swiftly and rescue the trapped miners alive. That hope is now gone and we have a people in anguish.

Ran Mine

Nyaradzo Funeral Services donated a tent which is being used by families of the victims of the mine disaster.

Added another community member:

“Government officials who are supposed to be bringing good news of how government will rescue the trapped miners or retrieve their dead bodies come here in their lavish cars, wearing their expensive suits and holding tablets. They just walk around as if they are showing off to us. They come here to ask questions and nod their heads without offering any solution to the problem.”

Ran Mine

Farirai Dube, who resides near the abandoned Ren mine accused the government of neglecting families of the victims of the tragedy.

She said:

“As you can see, there are two tents here one for the police and one for the families of the victims. When the police officers are getting their food, these families will just be watching. Besides food supplies, these families need social workers for psychological support and counselling services but they are getting nothing. There is a crisis here and the communities are becoming agitated because of the poor co-ordination by government to retrieve these trapped miners.”

Families of victims of trapped miners

Last week, one man died while offering rescue services.

The victim Wellington House fell into the tunnel around 6pm on Saturday and he was buried with government assistance.

Information ministry permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana revealed that government provided a coffin as well as food items to the grieving family.

Nyaradzo Funeral services also donated tents and mobile toilets for use during the funeral.