Olinda And Tytan Back Together?
8 December 2020
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UNITED Kingdom based socialite, Olinda Chapel and musician, Tytan seem to have rekindled their relationship after a messy split.

The two went through a scandalous divorce in August last year just after celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

At the time of the divorce that set tongues wagging, they had a heated exchange of words with Tytan real name Njabulo Nkomo accusing Olinda of abusing him and not disclosing her HIV status during their relationship.

Being no stranger to airing her dirty laundry on social media, Olinda hit back with a live video claiming her former husband was a serial adulterer who had used her as a ‘meal ticket’.

Her fans had gone as far as drawing up a petition with over a thousand signatures to have the ‘Mukoko’ hit maker, Tytan deported from the UK.

However, all this seems forgotten now as Olinda who had taken a sabbatical from social media returned with the Instagram username ‘@olindachapelnkomo’ and a post of her and Tytan’s daughter, Nandi with the caption ‘mummyanddaddysgirl’.

A few months back Tytan was part of a line-up at the Chabvondoka UK show hosted by Olinda.

In the comments, fans of the duo speculated whether or not they were back together, with one saying, “May the good Lord bless your reunion.”

Another poked fun at the reconciliation, “Olinda and Tytan getting back together after a messy breakup is the reason why I’ll always mind my own.”

“Tytan and Olinda are back together? I wish I was as forgiving as both of them because wow,” wrote another.

The ‘couple’ has, however, stayed mum on the issue, leaving fans to only to speculate.