Man Marries Off Married Daughter To “Financially Stable” Suitor
28 December 2020
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By A Correspondent- This advice comes after a man from Zaka in Masvingo province stirred a scandal when he allegedly “married off” his married daughter to another man, claiming her first husband was not financially suited to be an in-law.

Hove and Ruramai have two children together aged two and five.

It is reported that sometime in September this year, Ruramai who was staying with her husband in Mberengwa left him under the pretext that she was visiting her parents in Zaka while in fact she was eloping with Magwaro to his rural home in Mushinyi Village in Bikita.

Following a tip-off from neighbours that his wife had eloped with Magwaro to his rural home he reportedly followed them.

His complaint which B-Metro is in possession of reads:

“Davison Magwaro took my wife Ruramai Maronjese with whom I have two children. We got married in 2016 before he took her in September this year. My wife left me under the pretext that she was visiting her parents in Zaka. He should pay me three beasts as compensation for destroying my marriage”.

In his response Magwaro said he didn’t know that Ruramai was married. His response however, elicited shock after it emerged that he eloped with Ruramai while he was staying with the couple in the same area in Mberengwa.

For his greedy actions, Alfred who also attended the court session received a backlash from Chief Mpakwa.

He insisted that marrying off his daughter to another was not a ticket out of destitution.

Ruramai said she was no longer interested in her first husband.

It also emerged during trial that Hove once caught the two – Ruramai and Magwaro – having sex in their matrimonial bedroom.

After being provided with enough evidence, Chief Mpakwa said he fined Magwaro three beasts as punishment for bedding a married woman. statemedia