My Journey To Democratic Victory: Julius Choto | ZLHR, Human Rights Watch, Deighton Pierce Glynn
2 January 2021
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Julius Choto

By Julius Choto | Hello Zimbabwe , hello the world . I am Julius Choto the father of the slain footballer Kelvin Tinashe who was brutally shot and killed by ZRP Chitungwiza in 2019 Jan 14-16 Protest that swept the country.

Today I and other Progressive Democratic Zimbabweans across the globe are in celebration of the first ever success story after challenging and wining our High Court case against the fascist regime for the callous murder.

Firstly I would like to acknowledge the support I got form the oppressed of Africa, the Progressive Democratic forces of Zimbabwe and the whole world wide ,the mighty ZHLR Lawyers, Human rights Watch, Human rights Commission, Amnesty International of SADC. I also acknowledge the unwavering support I got from ZimEye News (supported by Deighton Pierce Glynn) MDC-A President Advocate Nelson Chamisa who made the case international.

My fellow Zimbabweans this victory is ours together. We have been to long living in oppression in the land of our birth. One can never know that one is oppressed when he is perpetually oppressed. This success story  of Kelvin Tinashe Choto through his father Julius Choto is and must be a big Eye opener to all the oppressed of our time and  it’s a stern warning to all Dictators. We are going to be free again and its inevitable.


The journey to victory of late Tinashe Success story was not on an easy road .I nearly befell the same fate as my son, and put my family security at stake through attempts of direct invasion of my home and work place. VIDEO:

Soon after the burial , I was suppose to get the post-mortem report .Police refused to give it to me  .My Lawyers advised to go to court .I got the report outside court settlement. When it was time for inquest, concerned parties ie (family members ,witnesses, police) were suppose to group up and show evidence but Chitungwiza police connived with their friends at Chitungwiza Magistrates Court and did their own fake inquest and finalised the case in our absence .They did this because they could not investigate themselves. I then applied for Default Judgement at High Court .The government never stood firm for their fake inquest because they were shameful of their actions. My case sailed through to the rooftop because there was no opposition , hence victory.

Most cases happen in the dark ,so according to the fascist ,no one is accountable in atrocities of darkness .That is why most cases die in their infancy or initial stages .The other set back is when fear of the unknow overrides courage especially when your loved ones discourage you to challenge Authorities.

According to Amnesty International Kelvin Tinashe case was the most clearest of them all because it happened in broad day light ,in front of about 10000 to 15000 people .

The scarf that they put on around their necks is a Rasta flag ,a symbol of African peace that supports  Earthman connection. It’s a gross abuse of it by trying to gain political milage with it . Come on Zimbabwean people. There is hope for Democratic Victory as the case of

Tinashe Kelvin Choto is a mirror of all the atrocities that happened in independent Zimbabwe from Gukurahundi to the so called New Dispensation Era ,even that of Solomon Mujuru.

The Freedom train is coming and going our way ,so Zimbabweans get on board .Victory for Democracy is certain and near .These are the fruits of our courage , persistence and determination 

I salute you all