Warship Dumba Apologises To President Chamisa, Asks To Come Back
4 January 2021
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One of President Nelson Chamisa’s fiercest critics for 4 years, the former Harare Councillor, Warship Dumba has apologised to him. He speaks to ZimEye saying his decision follows the just ended congress on the 26th December which was marred by violence…

Warship Dumba



Douglas Mwonzora

It has come to us as shock to note that the DMTL National Coordinator has taken it upon himself to congratulate Mr. Douglas Mwonzora for having been declared the new MDCT President after a sham EOC held at the HICC on the 27th December of 2020. The MDC members and the world at large must know that it is the position of DMTL that we have seen no difference between what Mr. Nelson Chamisa and Mr Douglas Mwonzora did. They both grabbed power using violence and chicanery.

Both are guilty of the same offense.

We would like to put it categorically clear to the world that as DMTL, we unambiguously condemn the EOC process and its outcome.

We wouldn’t like to say much about anything at the moment since we have already started our legal challenge of that shameful event where non members of the party were bussed and brought in to vote as delegates of 2014. We wouldn’t like to bless any election where members were beaten with others hospitalized or in the name of one candidate.

In the meantime we are busy compiling evidence that we would like to take to court for litigation.

We cannot say principle is below the Party because lack of Democratic principles by Zanu led to the formation of MDC.If
we accept rigged elections within our party, saying the party must move on then we have no moral standing to slam ZANU for rigging elections.

If Mr. Mwonzora abused Political Parties Finance while Secretary General of the party, what more when he is President?

From DMTL Information Department

Warship Dumba
(Information & Publicity Secretary)

03 January 2021