Why Patrick Chinamasa’s COVID Medical Records Have To Be Disclosed To The Public In Full
9 January 2021
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Patrick Chinamasa

The ZANU PF party spokesperson, Mr Patrick Chinamasa’s medical record has been released in the UTMOST PUBLIC INTEREST pursuent to current emergency legislation and to protect members of the public from harm because – this person:

  1. (for nearly a year to date) Misled the public promoting lies that COVID is not real
  2. Is a Public Official/politician whose conduct around COVID has led to the death of hundreds…
  1. The motivation for this expose’ has no malice in it, it is purely to inform and protect millions of people from harm.
  2. The politician who runs govt policy, and statements thereof, is not entitled to use privacy laws to abuse the public.
  3. Chinamasa has been holding several dangerous crowd meetings for nearly a year to date without any restraint.
  4. He clearly knowing he is COVID positive, has not been wearing a mask while sitting closely to others, failing to observe social distancing.
  5. Millions are dying from COVID and Zimbabwe is now at the epicentre of the pandemic’s latest new strain, raising the legal bar on disclose especially that of a powerful person who is living in self-denial for several months.
  6. His phone number is already in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, and has been for more than 10 years. It has been parly public data. His date of birth has been in the public domain for more than 41 years. All has been left bare as a witness for the purpose of validating identity. If you are still in dispute do free to phone us. We run on a 24 hr news service.