Justice too far for army shootings victims
10 January 2021
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By A Correspondent| Misfortune seems to have followed the late Eunice Mungadze to the grave for standing up for the truth.

The late Mungadze is a victim of the 9th January, 2021 Zimbabwe National Army orchestrated civilian killings.

Things continue to fall apart in the once vibrant family which she left behind after her sudden killing by the state.

She left five children and grandchildren , an enterprising indigenous impresario as well as a fiery human rights and justice advocate.

Eunice Mungadze is one of the 8 people who lost their lives when an elite force deployed by Vice President Retired General Constantine Chiwenga under the command of then Presidential Guard Commander Retired Lieutenant General Anslem Sanyatwe to terrorize human rights activists.

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa, then instituted a commission of inquiry led by former South African President Kgalema Mothlante to investigate and recommend circumstances surrounding the 9th January 2021 shootings by the

Zimbabwean forces who were armed to teeth.

Among the recommendations made by the Mothlante Commission was the compensation of the victims who lost their lives as well as the assumption by the state of several duties and responsibilities such as educational and general welfare on the victims’ families.

However, nothing has been done as yet by the Zimbabwean government led by President Mnangagwa, some months before another election looms in 2023.

Several families who lost their breadwinners in the senseless killings continue to

count their losses.

And the Mungadze family seems to be the victims of this careless attitude adopted by the state.

One misfortune after the other is now the order of the day in the late Mungadze family

Now the Mungadze homestead resembles a haunted house with no one seen in the areas surrounding the homestead.

No one knows where everyone went after the death of Gogo Mungadze. Some believe the children skipped the country to neighbouring countries.

This signals the demise of a once vibrant family. According to the deceased’s neighbour who preferred anonymity for fear of reprisals from what she termed “a ruthless military junta cum political party” ZANU PF apparatchiks.

“The late mother of five perhaps was the glue which kept together family cohesion as soon after her demise, things started to disintegrate in the late Mungadze family,” said the neighbour.

The neighbour said, “Despite her well documented involvement in human rights and justice issues, I think Gogo Mungadze was targeted but was not directly involved in the demonstrations happening in town which triggered the heavy response from the state”

“She was rather a laid back and deeply religious person whom we are all now convinced is a victim of the junta’s heavy handedness”.

“And now, her family has been teared apart, destroyed by one stupid call by a blood thirsty regime,” added the distraught neighbour.

Several human rights groups have been calling on the ZANU PF government to address state sponsored human rights violations such as the January 9th 2021 killings as well as the Matebeland and midlands 1980s disturbances known as the Gukurahundi atrocities where more than 20 000 people lost their lives.