Manluckerz features in cultural documentary
15 January 2021
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By A Correspondent| Busy-as-a-bee artiste Luckson Chikutu popularly known as Manluckerz is featuring in a documentary that chronicles his journey from Zimbabwe to Sweden.

The documentary titled “Chezhira- Where is Home?” was recorded and produced by Saymore Ngonidzashe Sayid’Ali Kativu under The Nexus Think at Zarawi Trust and will premiere online on January 19, 2021.

The educational documentary is inspired by Manluckerz’s journey and is a culmination of two fellow countrymen from Zimbabwe working to help each other on their journeys of life in a foreign land. Saymore, the producer of the documentary about identity asked ManLuckerz if he could interviewed ManLuckerz while he was attending the Digital Summer School Viadrinicum 2020 with the European-University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) themed “Transsectoral Lab on (Post-)Migration. (Dis-)Integrative Encounters”.

A brotherhood was immediately born between Manluckerz and Saymore owing to the two’s passion to help others grow, one would say their spirits of Ubuntu reconnected in the faraway land of Sweden. Saymore produced the documentary simultaneous to his studies with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences with his team from The Nexus Think Tank at Zarawi Trust, a Zimbabwean based hybrid entity working in the field of development.

“To fully know who we are as a people, we must be ready and willing to discover ourselves through the stories of others. Saymore was curious as an anthropologist to understand the importance of and what becomes of one’s identity when you are far from home for so long as Chezhira has been and in this age of globalisation.

“The story follows the name Chezhira, how it came to be and the power behind one’s identity in determining the path of life”, said Chezhira

“When my young brother from Zimbabwe approached me while doing his summer studies on migration to help him, I could not let the opportunity pass by. In the spirit of Together as one (TAO), we helped each other as we always do. After his summer studies were over, we both saw an opportunity to tell a story that would hopefully inspire others when Saymore pitched it.

The documentary is an educational piece that also shows Manluckerz’s versatility in showbiz and how his talent is manifested in several roles that he does as an artist. Manluckerz has proven himself as a musician releasing several albums over the years. He is also a dancer of great magnitude on stage and an accomplished writer behind the scenes.

So influential is Chezhira that he was nominated for Zimbabwe’s flagship awards the National Arts Merit Awards and has scooped several awards as one of the most outstanding Africans in the diaspora.