I Travelled To Manicaland To Meet Oppah Digitally And To Save Muchinguri And Thousands Of Lives From COVID-19
21 January 2021
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By Simba Chikanza | Those accusing me of faking mourning for ZANU PF’s Ellen Gwaradzimba should ask many of these ZANU comrades the question: which journalist has saved their lives- for instance, who personally saved her own deputy, Victor Matemadanda when he was poisoned a few weeks ago (?) Is that not me who did it during those moments while seeing the man’s body literally ballooning? The Deputy Defence Minister is within a phone call’s reach. If these accusers don’t love people, they should go shut themselves in their hatred.

And those so called “journalists,” who don’t know that Oppah Muchinguri, is the head of the COVID Management Taskforce, saying she was abused, it was “an intrusion in personal grief,” if your media ethics are pro-death, ignoring the plight of millions who’ve died incl Gwaradzimba, and many more to come, through Muchinguri’s own making, saying Africans are immune, then go shut yourself inside your pro-death, pro-media-suppression ethics, hope that won’t be a 6 foot under pit.

Those sort of journalists who can’t tell the world is at Defcon 5, worse state than 2nd World War, I don’t have a word to describe them.

I had last Friday travelled to Manicaland to the house digitally (observing COVID and other regulations), and when she greeted me, she immediately started crying. At that point I had no choice but to join her in the crying as this is cultural, biblical, and moral – it is a common language during a bereavement. I then moved on to interview her, but obviously due to the mood of the moment, using her language (of course I am hurt by the death and many others), and then the Head Of The COVID Management Taskforce opened up on a lot of things that vulnerable members of the public should know in order to protect their lives, so that we do not have any more Ellens. These hidden things which include her own deceptions, have been kept out of the public eye for several months as hundreds die countrywide.

I still don’t understand how some so-called journos have rushed to write reports claiming that I abused the elderly woman, without simply looking at the evidence I have been presenting in live video programs since last Friday. I have been inviting critics even those I strongly disagree with for a real journalist will not hide behind the Twitter website, they come up inspect evidence, grill the source who is always available before they rush to comment anything.

For the first time in the history of the pandemic it is now very clear from my interview with the Defence Minister that people are dying all over which thing is not being reported for over a year, and even the Zanu-pf leader Mnangagwa is at risk.

One male critic has gone on to relegate Oppah’s statement that COVID is God’s sanctions against the West to mere ignorance, an announcement that she never condoned and that influenced many blacks to live reckless lives.

Can this dear brother explain the high death rate in the NHS staff among UK Zimbabweans (measured during the first wave), the highest of any nationality, which survivors point to Muchinguri,’s influencing? It is well known that of the country’s first 88 health workers, dead from COVID 33 were black Zimbabweans, after Muchinguri’s statement.

Working with Mutsvangwa?

And then there is another group making nefarious statements attempting to link me with Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa.

Mrs Mutsvangwa’s name was inferred during my snap-interview with COVID taskforce Chairperson and Defence Minister Muchinguri last Friday on the sidelines of the funeral of Ellen Gwaradzimba.

Am I working with Mutsvangwa? Have I ever worked with her at any time? Never, and not possible. I have never talked with this lady at any time. I can’t tell why someone is cooking up such nonsense. It’s likely the Oppah faction that is creating these rumours to cover up their controversies. Let me make it clear that when I first exposed Oppah Muchinguri for smuggling hundreds of our elephants to Mozambique, under the guise of wildlife conservation, (what led to Shuvai Mahofa being assassinated in 2017) Monica Mutsvangwa was not even known, she was nowhere in govt circles. Even when I chased Oppah Muchinguri in Brussels forcing her to hide in a hotel at the EU Parliament, Mutsvangwa was nowhere near the ministry of information offices. She was at home mothering her kids.

All this seems an attempt to slow down my work in exposing Muchinguri over her management of the COVID Crisis, what has led to the death of hundreds of Zimbabweans’ .This is shameful and must be condemned by all Zimbabweans.

The adversarial-snap-interview of Muchinguri stands for all Zimbabweans to understand from her own mouth her version of what is happening in the country. The time for the truth to be told by all true journalists is now, and anyone who suppresses this can only be an enemy of the truth.

This interview exposing Africa”s most powerful female politician for causing the proliferation if coronavirus, has become the most engaged platform story for Zimbabweans locally and internationally since the pandemic started last year.

I am not the kind to be used by any politician. I serve all Zimbabweans equally and fairly. The snap interview covering a wide range of issues around the pandemic is on ZimEye for all Zimbabweans to download.