Of An Inept And Irresponsible Govt
22 January 2021
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Of an inept and irresponsible government.

By Clifford Hlatywayo | Zimbabwe is at cross roads, while battling to defeat the invisible enemy called COVID-19, on the other hand is an irresponsible and carefree regime that never understood the importance of a vision.

Clifford Hlatywayo

There is an immediate answer to the National question which is anchored of the failure of Zanu PF regime.

The regime has systematically made our country a land of oppression and suppression. While other countries test their war asernal and Weapons of Mass Destruction in seas/oceans, the regime in Harare does so it on the people- What a shame!

Our people are living in constant fear, instability and an uncertain future.
They survive by what scholars call harvest of fear.

Attempt to undermine democratic elections is the order of the day. The ballot must determine who must lead the country. In Zimbabwe, the bullet supercides the ballot of the people. The illegitimate regime enjoys dividing the people. There is no nation to talk about, people are divided on political affiliation, status in society, region, religion, tribe, race, class, color, creed, profession, location, families, political party factions, level of poverty or richness, level of education and most recently looting cartels. These guys have failed this beautiful and potential country. They are greedy, tired, clueless and driven by hatred and bitterness. Being on leadership positions without leadership credentials.

Zimbabwe needs an overhaul of all systems be it governance, social, cultural, technological, political and economic systems.

President Chamisa has a rescue and recovery plan for this country. A plan that will return Zimbabwe to an economic, legitimate, openness and accountable democracy. To be a nation driven by transformation of our society, with opportunities for everyone and reward hardworking citizens, it will be a land of prosperity.
MDC Alliance will operate on trust and confidence of the people. Social Contract between the governed and those who govern. With President Chamisa a month’s time in government is too long for every Zimbabwean to start enjoying their country where ever they are. MDC Alliance has the lasting solution to the Zimbabwean crisis.

Until then,
Aluta continua



Clifford Hlatywayo
MDC Alliance
Deputy Secretary for Communications