Is Love Muti Prophet Dating Zodwa Wabantu?
30 January 2021
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Own Correspondent |
Controversial Masvingo preacher Isaac Makomichi is reportedly dating South African Zodwa Wabantu.

Last week the controversial preacher was accused of bedding a female school head.

According to impeccable sources, Makomichi was spotted with the South African socialite at a hotel in Masvingo.

The sources further claimed the socialite came to Makomichi to seek love charms and the two became friends. Their friendship then turned into a love affair, claimed the sources.

The sources further claimed Zodwa Wabantu funded Makomichi’s New Year’s trip to Mauritius.

Church leaders accuse Makomichi of promoting the spirit of prostitution by distributing his love charms to slay queens around the country.

Asked for a comment, Makomichi said:
The person who told you is lying, if its true why didn’t he/she take pictures?

I have so many high profile clients that’s why I always visit expensive hotels. I don’t reveal names at all but the truth is that I am not in love with Zodwa Wabantu,” said Makomichi.

Zodwa Wabantu