‘Mohadi: The Badboy Soiling Harare’s Image’
27 February 2021
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By Josiah Mucharowana in Pretoria| International diplomacy is a sacred space where countries put their best foot forward to lure and broker deals in favour of their nations.

Therein, the hierarchy begins with the President’ s office populated with VPs and cabinet ministers amongst other cherry-picked government envoys who literally can wear national colours with pride and who are without blemish at all fora when the situation demands.

When it comes to Zimbabwe, Vice President Kembo Mohadi occupies a strategic post as second- in-command shared together with VP Chiwenga.
Notwithstanding his colonial war record as a stalwart, he has become an albatross around the neck for the Harare government having trashed the country’ s image to pieces like pottery by engaging in shamefully riverting sexual escapedes with married aide- de-camps assigned to his office.

To even think he can negotiate anything on behalf of Zimbabwe now is preposterous. His morals are corrupt. He is an inveterate failure when it comes to personal bedroom issues. Without regurgitation, the escapedes out there make shameful reading.

What’s worse, he showed a very condescending language when it comes to women. The way he asked for cosy moments with the outed women is so outrageously coarse befitting hookers in the red light districts of Luxembourg.

Apart from being ample proof that he is a veteran of the underground game, he had little regard for consequences of trampling on other people’s marriages. 

Despite the morality of it all, it showed his dictatorial tendencies only expecting to get his way with the women possibly because of the power he wields and the money that comes along with it.

In all of it, the final straw is in the rendezvous for the sexual tryists. Munhumutapa building is perceived as the citadel of government power and unbeknown to the nation, he had other uses of the revered place.

To imagine all the seemingly important men in suits,  trained soldiers with intimidatingly dark faces, military fatigues brandishing Kalashikovs are only keeping a facade. They guard sex pests engaged in adulterous liasons which is not the real business that is supposed to happen behind those corridors. 

Now, it would not be far-fetched to assume that every man who has a spouse of partner in high echelons of government is recalibrating  and putting under the scale how business is going during office hours. It is not business as usual with Zanu-PF hawks in town.

While other nations have bigger fish to fry busy rolling out crucial vaccines to fight off the coronavirus pandemic, Zimbabwe has been transfixed, unable to talk about anything besides the free drama emanating from VPs Munhumutapa offices and his Glenlorne home.

In just one week, Mohadi has singlehandedly brought shame upon the Zim government and how his peers respond to these allegations will be a benchmark on how the family of nations will reagard us on anything.

Of course, he is a being with a sexual appetite. Yes, most normal men are attracted to women for various reasons. However it is how we behave around women and our conduct between ourselves as adults that determine how society  judges us. 

In all earnestness,  Mohadi, because of his stature in government crossed the Rubicorn by dabbling with married women. He desecrated and defaecated on the perceived aura of Munhumutapa government offices.

It’s going to take eternity to clean up the image of a brothel that has become Munhumutapa which is now etched in people’s minds.

To add salt to the bleeding wound, government spin doctor Mangwana came out guns blazing defending Mohadi saying there was nothing wrong when two adults consent to have sex disregarding where, how and the public titles they hold.

It is such unashamed defences the universe will judge us with. We cannot go to town in celebration defending Mohadi.
As a nation, we have a history of insovency on debts. We have a history of disrespecting property rights. We have a history of policy inconsistency- we have a leaders who announce sweeping changes to policy at ghostly hours of the night. And now we even have top hawks philandering with a string of married subordinates and we see nothing wrong with it. Alright, we might see nothing amiss but surely the world will. 

As a government that likes to pride itself as a ‘new dispensation’, we have spend millions of bucks hiring PR companies in the west trying to spruce the country’s image as an investment centre. Yet, we would like to allow an old and senile Mohadi to run wild with his shotgun taking advantage of women. It should not be. Silence is complicity.It only shows shows there is more that happens in higher offices of government. 

The late Mugabe married his secretary Grace. The President Munangagwa married CIO agent Auxilia. It’s not wrong to love, it’s wrong to double time, use power and influence one subordinates and use government offices for sex.

Mohadi erred and as a nation, that should be emotionally draining. We have a sexual pervert in leadership so unbridled and daring enough to prey on youngsters who had received his skewed benevolence in the form of college fees.

He has yet again squandered a good chance to give a public apology to the nation for disrespecting public offices. How he will compensate or apologises to the estranged partners of the said women whose marriages he wrecked is another story.

Above all he should fully convince the nation why he should  remain in office as VP amidst the allegations.
To most, judging from word out there and me too, a resignation is long overdue. He should be gone as yesterday. Or at least he should step aside to deal with the mess.

At 71 surely he should not think he is a cowboy on a high horse riding across town with reckless abandon. Yet, allegedly he risks overdosing with sex- enhancing concoctions to please his desires. When a man is so careless with his own life, what could he do for millions of lives he purpot to lead?  The nation must get him off the high horse soonest.

Mohadi cost us big time on the diplomatic front. We now need true leaders who can shoot from the hip and tell him off. Of course those are rare as hen’ s teeth in Zanu PF because they all have smaller- nyana- skeletons in the bottom drawers. 

However, the VPs office is a couldron of hope- a potpourri of dreams for the nation where they are nartured and enabled. He has failed and as fellow humans by default, willy- nilly wife-snatching  by officials cannot be condoned. What will become of the husband emotionally? How about the kids sired therof?  Mohadi’s behavior is inconsistent. We need a new name. 

Actually, he should thank his ancestry for saving his life. Imagine if the CIO husband had gone crazy upon realising his wife cheating on him with the VP. Are these agents not responsible for his daily security? These men have armouries to their disposal. These people have all-access security clearance to him.

Remember the story of Laurent Kabila of the Banyamulenge rebels and how he died? Seven bullets to the chest from a trusted aide. 

Mohadi is a man with a sprawling business empire including hundreds of cattle in Matebeleland. His animal instincts might as well help him grow more in animal husbandry and sod off from national life.

The nation appreciates what he has done thus far. We have heard of his wartime exploits and now indubitably, the nation is awestruck with his below the belt manouvres. It’s time to pass on the baton of power to someone else. 

The nation should brace for more intrigue as he is poised to drag the scandal into the courts. We await to see who he takes first kicking and screaming to the dock.

His allegations that his phone was cloned put the entire Presidency in jeopardy. Do we have moles up there? Who wants him gone? Can he prove the underhand shenanigans to that effect? What of the vanquished women themselves, can someone not sing like a canary? The situation has gone to another level folks.

It’s interesting to note how media outfit Zimlive is standing by the story. Surely it cannot be a case of thin dogs barking loudly.  It is going to be a sopie series fellow countrymen. Mr Vice President, as you wish just remember the entire citizenry will wait for you from the court gallery as you clear your name. 

Josiah Mucharowana writes in his personal capacity. Feedback: [email protected]