How Zanu PF Killed Opposition Members: Full Details
1 March 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|The MDC Alliance has released a comprehensive list of names of opposition members who were brutally murdered by Zanu PF between 2008 and 2013.

The list of honour has been released as part of efforts by the popular movement to pay homage to the heroes and heroines of the struggle for democracy.

See statement below :
The regime has blood on its hands – we shall not forget the 2008 massacre of our cadres

We shall never forget, our bothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children and friends killed!

List of names of people killed by Zanu PF in 2008:
12 April 2008

1). Tapiwa Mubwanda (57) of Hurungwe was stabbed to death by Zanu PF supporters.he died leaving behind a wife and three children. Jawet Kazangarare and Private Peter Madamombe were identified as the murderers

15 April 2008

2). Murunde Tembo of Mudzi was attacked by Zanu PF supporters at his home in Vombofi village. They broke his legs and he died on his way to hospital.

17 April 2008

3). Tatenda Chibika died after Zanu PF supporter; Richard Makoni shot him at Chibeta Business Centre in Mutoko.

4). Moses Bashitwayo of Wedza died after receiving heavy assaults from Zanu PF supporters.

5). Zanu PF activists being led by Bvuka Chimbanzwa assaulted Solomon Bote of ward 22 in Musikavanhu in Makoni South to death.

6). Brighton Mabwera jnr, five years old from Manyika Viilage, Uzumba was burnt to death after the house he was sleeping in was set ablaze by Zanu PF activists in the middle of the night. His parents are strong supporters of the MDC.

24 April 2008

7). Zvidzai Mapurisa was murdered by suspected Zanu PF thugs who descended at his homestead in Village 21 in Gunikuni area in Masvingo south at around 1am.they are alleged to have taken him away and assaulted him severely with sticks and sjamboks, accusing him of mobilizing people to vote against Zanu PF.

25 April 2008

. Tabitha Marume of Makoni West in Manicaland was shot and killed by soldiers at Chiwetu Rest Camp.

9). Zanu PF militia in Mbire beat Tenos Manyimo to death.

10). Bigboy Zhuwawo of Mbire in Mashonaland Central died on Sunday when Zanu PF militia for being an MDC supporter seriously attacked him.

11). Zanu PF supporters beat Chrispen Chiutsi of Muzarabani in Mashonaland Central.

28 April 2008

12). In Poshayi Village, Shurugwi, Midlands province, Clemence Dube was murdered by Zanu PF supporters.He was the MDC polling agent for Ward 12 polling station during the 29 March elections. His body has since been ferried to Bulawayo for a post mortem. Dube is survived by a wife and two young children.

27 April 2008

13). In Kotwa, Mudzi, Gilbert Nyagupe, a well known activist from Nyagupe village was axed to death by Zanu PF youth militia and one of the assailants was identified as Jessie Nhau.

29 April

14). Catherine Makwenjere of Mwenezi died at Morgenster Hospital in Masvingo after Zanu PF supporters had assaulted her for voting and supporting the MDC.

5 May 2008

Zanu PF supporters and men in army uniform led by Major Cairo Mhandu and Major Maravadza in Chiweshe communal lands in Mashonaland Central province beat the following to death
15). Tapiwa Meda
16). Joseph Madzuramhende
17). Alex Chiriseri
18). David Tachiwa Mapuranga
19). Arthur Matombo
20). Patson Mudzuramhende
21). Jeff Jemedze

8 May 2008

22). Nelson Emmanuel of Harare south died at the Avenues Clinic after he had been assaulted by Zanu PF youths on 4th of May 2008.

23). Tonderai Zireni (3 years old) was burnt to death after Zanu PF youths set alight the house he was sleeping in Zimunya, Mutare.

24). Isaac Danda of Gokwe Nembudziya was stabbed to death by Zanu PF youths who were being led by Major Moyo.

10 May 2008

25). Musafare Mudimu of Manyika village in Uzumba was assaulted to death by Zanu PF youths.

26). Karombe Benson Chipungu of Manyika village in Uzumba, Mashonaland East was beaten to death by Zanu PF youths for being an MDC member.

27). R Gomwe, 75, was struck by an axe leading to his death in Gokwe Nembudziya by Zanu PF youths led by Major Moyo. It is also alleged that the youths also looted his property and burnt his house.

28). Ruth Mushayahembe of Chimbwanda village in Uzumba was assaulted to death by Zanu PF youths and her husband is reported to be in critical condition in Murewa Hospital.

29). Elias Madzivanzira a headman in ward 8 in Shamva North, Mashonaland Central was killed using an axe by war vets known as Muroyiwa and Joshua of Bata farm.

11 May 2008

30). Sam Kahari, from Chidembo village in Shamva North was dragged out of bed at his home while asleep by Zanu PF youths and purported war veterans who then assaulted him leading to his death that same night.

31). Remember Kayembe, 23, of Mazowe was abducted by Zanu PF supporters who poisoned him leading to his death.

13 May 2008

Zanu PF supporters murdered four MDC supporters at Chaparira village in Mt Darwin East. They are; 32). Abiya Nyakudya who is the headman for the area, 33). Bright Mafuriro, 34). Fischer Chirese and 35). Sairiro Kamufuto and 36). Chaparira also a headman

14 May 2008

37). Beta Chokururama, a member of the MDC national youth was found dead in Chikwaka village, Mashonaland East. State security agents had abducted him on Tuesday 13 May at Juru Growth Point.

14 May 2008

38). Ken Nyevhe was found dead in Goromonzi district after he had been abducted at Juru Growth point on Tuesday 13 May. His body had gunshot and stab wounds.

39). Godfrey Kauzani was found dead with gunshot and stab wounds after he had been abducted at Juru Growth Point on Tuesday 13 May.

17 May 2008

40). Edson Zaya, the MDC treasurer for Ward 9 in Shamva North was murdered by Zanu PF supporters in broad daylight at Chidembo business centre.

18 May 2008

41). Choukuse Nyoka Mubango, the MDC ward 27 chairman in Buhera West, Manicaland was axed to death by Zanu PF supporters at his hime in full view of his wife and five children. A truck used by Zanu PF’s losing MP, Joseph Chinotimba was used in the attack.

21 May 2008

42). The body of Tonderai Ndira, 32, MDC;s national secretary for security was discovered in a mortuary at Parirenyatwa Hospital. State security agents at his Mabvuku home had abducted Ndira on 13 May. His body was in a composing state and his private parts were missing. Indications show that Ndira was murdered in Goromonzi.

43). Tafirenyika Kapfudza, a headman for Sanzu village in Uzumba was murdered by Zanu PF militia Douglas Mutesa and Costan Musariri.

44). Zanu PF militia in Mutawatawa beat Rosemary Maramba, who was six months pregnant, to death. Her body was found dumped at Nhakiwa village.

23 May 2008

45). Manyuke Nyamukada, 40, of Manyika village in Uzumba passed on at Michael Gelfand hospital in Harare after he had been brutally assaulted by Zanu PF supporters two weeks earlier. His homestead was razed to the ground and property and livestock looted.

24 May 2008

46). The body of Shepherd Jani, the MDC provincial treasurer for Masonaland East was discovered in Goromonzi. He had been kidnapped at gunpoint at the MDC Murehwa district office on 22 May 2008.

47). Taurai Matanda was shot dead by a ZNA major, Svosve Mupindu at Murambinda in Buhera, Manicaland. On that day, the soldiers had gone on a rampage beating people.

27 May 2008

48). Kidwell Zvavamwe, 35, of Ward 28, Shamva South died after being assaulted by Zanu PF thugs at his home a week earlier. Zvavamwe was assaulted in front of his wife, Lucia Mukaru and three children and sustained life-threatening injuries.

3 June 2008

49). Washington Nyamwa, 50). Chrison Mbano, and 51). Edson Ngwerume, were on Tuesday 3 June 2008 killed after Zanu PF supporters in a truck came to MDC offices at Jerere growth point and torched the offices. Four other MDC supporters who were present during the attack were still missing a week after the attack.

5 June 2008

51). Zanu PF supporters locked Dadirai Chipiro, 45, of Chikowero village, Mhondoro Ngezi, into her hut before they set it alight. Before this brutal act, the thugs had slashed off both Chipiro’s legs and hands. Chipiro was the MDC district chairperson. A vehicle belonging to Bright Matongo, the MP of Mhondoro Ngezi was used in the attack.

5 June 2008

52). Six year-old, Nyasha Mashoko, was burnt in his parents’ home at Zengeza Waterworks, Harare South by a group of Zanu PF supporters at around 8 pm. His mother, Pamela Pasvanai, sustained 88 percent burns following the arson and was admitted at Harare Hospital. Mashoko’s father, Brian Mamhove, was the MDC council candidate for Ward 1, Harare South. Nyasha was a grade one pupil at Zengeza Main Primary.

6 June 2008

53). Pamela Pasvanai, 21, died after she sustained serious burns following an attack at her home by Zanu PF supporters. Pasvani was eight months pregnant. She and her son Nyasha Mashoko were locked inside their Zengeza Waterworks house by the Zanu PF thugs. Pasvanai’s husband, Brian Mamhove, was the MDC council candidate for Ward 1, Harare South.

8 June 2008

53). Sofia Chingozho, 65, died in hospital after she had been assaulted by Zanu PF supporters at a funeral in Buhera North.

9 June 2008

55). Dumisani Hapazari, Chiredzi Zesa area manager was found dead in Chikombedzi on Monday morning after two CIO operatives had abducted him from his workplace last Wednesday.

11 June 2008

56). Mabika Mudzinga and 57). Leonard Mhete of Chigumisirwa village in Bikita East, Masvingo were murdered by Zanu PF hooligans as they tried to defend attacks from these group and their homesteads.

58). Tiziro Moyo, a teacher, 59). Stanford Mapuranga, and 60). Mirai Zvidzai from Maranda in Mwenezi were murdered by a group of Zanu PF supporters during the night.

61). Chengerai Kahari, of Chireka village, Bindura South is shot dead at 7. pm by armed Zanu PF militia who had mistakenly taken him for his brother who is an MDC councillor in the area.

12 June 2008

62). Rodrick Mukova, of Chimbudzi village in Mwenezi died from injuries he sustained following an attack from Zanu PF thugs.

13 June 2008

63). Kennias Artwell Bvekerwa, of Ward 7 in Chipinge, Manicaland province was severely attacked by Zanu PF militia led by one Chikumba leading to his death at Mapfumise Secondary School in the Clearwater area.