There Is Strategic Advantage In Chamisa’s Silence Over SC Judgement- As Would In Having A Hyena For A Pet
1 March 2021
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By Patrick Guramatunhu- “Since the dubious 31 March 2020 SC (Supreme Court) judgment on the MDC’s leadership, Mnangagwa has used cronies, recalls, arrests, abductions, torture and defections to destroy the MDC-A,” commented Professor Jonathan Moyo.

“By design or default, Chamisa has said and done nothing. That silence is today his strategic advantage!”

This is just nonsense! 

If the Supreme Court judgement was dubious, as Moyo claims, then what is the strategic advantage of saying and doing nothing about it whilst the consequences of the said judgement wreck havoc to Chamisa, those around him and the nation at large, which has had no opposition party to hold the rogue Zanu PF regime to account! 

One does not allow a hyaena into one’s home stead so it can feast on one’s domestic animals and even kill and eat humans! What has been happening in Zimbabwe these last 12 months is a great national tragedy with the economy sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss, made worse by the corona virus outbreak; all because Zanu PF has been allowed to do as it pleased. We not only have one hyaena but a clan! We are to believe that having a clan of hyaenas running riot in the village is strategic! 

Since when are blatant betrayal, the Supreme Court judgement was Chamisa’s own fault, and failure been classified as wise and strategic. 

Professor Moyo’s is a man whose strategic thinking helped Mugabe stay in power. But we also know that he has no morals as he did not care that he was helping a corrupt and murderous tyrant in power. We know Moyo as one who would sell his own mother for a price and boast he had a mother to sell. 

Chamisa is saying and doing nothing about the Supreme Court judgement because there is nothing he can say or do. The consequences of the judgement are tragic to the him, MDC A and most important of all the nation.

Professor Jonathan Moyo has spend the last two and half years, ever since the November 2017 military coup, holed up in his fox-hole in Kenya. The forced sabbatical is taking a toll on his brain, it is ossifying. He cannot distinguish betrayal, defeat and blundering despair and confuse it for gic silence!