My Wife Has Gone Missing, Help Me Find Her
4 March 2021
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Hi, my name is Brain Matsilele. I come from Masvingo in Mwenezi district. May you help me locate my wife whom I lost contact with on the 2nd of March 2021.

Difinite Mandimo with husband Brian Matsilele

She was intending to visit me and I last talked to her when she was about to cross the border. I never heard from her from about 11 o’clock in the morning of the said day. I don’t know what actually happened to her not to arrive to where I live. I’m very perplexed and in the middle of taking my life. The stress am facing is way above my consumption. My wife’s name is Difinite Mandimo. She is my first girlfriend and consequently became my wife. I never in my life dated any other woman. And I feel like losing this woman is equivalent to loose my life.

There is no way that she could not communicate with me when all things are equal with her. I don’t even know where to start to search her whereabout. I’m stressed to the point that I’ve stopped working. My heart is pumping increased at a geometric progression. I’m a useless man. I don’t know where to start. I don’t know how to search. I’m very shocked and willing to take my life away. I’ve no reason to live in the absence of my wife. She only told me that she boarded a bakkie and that was the last i heard from her.

I don’t even know how you should search but am putting my last hope in your search. If she was arrested i would like to know the place in which she is being kept. If she is dead i want to see her body and peacefully end my life…