Govt To Recruit Over 3k Teachers When Schools Reopen
11 March 2021
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By A Correspondent- The government will reportedly recruit 3 000 teachers when schools reopen soon.

The move is meant to cope with the COVID-19 regulations imposed by WHO to curb spreading the novel coronavirus which has brought the world to a standstill.

This was revealed by the Primary and Secondary education Minister Cain Mathema who said their aim was to break classes into smaller groups and have 35 students per class:

We are employing 3 000 more teachers soon so that they will start working during the first term. Covid-19 regulations require that we break classes into smaller groups of not more than 35, and to do that we have to employ more teachers.

The President ordered that we should employ all qualified teachers. He said we cannot just be training teachers and not employing them. So with this recruitment we are implementing what was directed by the President,

Mathema also urged teachers to be vaccinated ahead of schools reopening in case they will be exposed to the virus at work:

It is a policy position and we will implement it, but we are not doing this alone. We are working with colleagues from the Ministry of Health and Child Care. We urge all teachers to be vaccinated. Experts have advised that it is safe and we encourage them to accept these vaccines.

However, it is important to note that the vaccinations are voluntary and those willing should take. No one is forced to be vaccinated but like I said experts have told us that we are better off getting vaccinated to be able to respond to this virus.

Schools will open first on 15 March for writing classes then for the rest of the students on 22 March 2021. Teachers have already said they might not report for duty due to incapacitation as they compel the government to pay them more.