“Zimbabweans Not Willing To Take The Covid-19 Jab”: Report
14 March 2021
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A survey that was conducted by the  Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA) has revealed that a majority of the people are not willing to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

The survey by ZCA was meant to measure the attitudes, perceptions and reactions of the populace of the vaccine according to the publication.  561 participants took part in the survey and the survey was done on WhatsApp in groups that were made up of church leaders, women and youths across the 10 provinces in the country.

Here are the results that were presented by ZCA after the survey:

  • 75.1% of those interviewed were unwilling to take the jab
  • 10.7% of the respondents were willing to be vaccinated
  • 14.2% of the respondent were not sure if they wanted to be vaccinated.

ZCA in a statement after their mini-survey stated that people were not aware of the issues surrounding the vaccine:

A major finding that was captured during the survey is that a lot of people are ignorant about a plethora of issues around acquisition, administration and side effects about the vaccine. This is a cause for concern as the Covid-19 pandemic has had dire effects globally.

Vaccinations in Zimbabwe are still low as 36 000 frontline workers have been vaccinated so far, a month after the country took the first delivery of the vaccine donated by China.