Obert Chaurura Gutu’s True Colours Exposed
18 March 2021
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By Blessing Simpson Madzima

The self proclamation of Obert Gutu is a national victory for the people of Zimbabwe.

In real life your identity and your origin are the most basic fundamentals of who you are in society.

Obert has been a fictitious agent in our democratic politics. His conduct and behaviour was evident of a traitor and a mercenary but we never new where his origins in real politics were from. Now that he has come open in the public domain that he is ZANU pf confirms the suspicion many people had about this man since emerging into politics. The spurning and self identification of many of these politicians with ZANU pf is an opportunity for new revolution and a political struggle that will usher victory for a genuine political settlement in our country.

Infiltration is not an easy thing to manage, especially when you find it difficult to have a screening template for sepearatiin of genuine cadres and mercenaries and political agents.
This self initiation of this self declaration and identification will clear a very effective process of building a genuine and strong opposition movement that will eventually transform our society and bring independence to our country.

Let ZANU pf celebrate with their zealots. We must be vigilant and stand steadfast to ensure citizens participation in our democratic politics will continue to build confidence and accountability in getting back power to the people. We are not moved by these grandstanding posturing but we will be inspired to stand in belief and great hope that victory is certain.

Obert Gutu