2023 Elections-Zanu PF Targets Bulawayo, Starts Vote Buying
21 March 2021
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By James Gwati- In a move strongly believed to a poly to lure Bulawayo voters Zanu -PF said it will persuade the government and start paying out residents a monthly $1200 in the name of empowering “the vulnerable” so that they can buy food.

This was revealed by the Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube to the Sunday News on the sidelines of a Zanu-PF Provincial Coordinating Committee in Bulawayo at the weekend.

“We are not targeting any number of beneficiaries, but we are saying all those that need help should come forward and register with the Department of Social Welfare and then they will be screened, registered and then we will be able to pay them.
“We have just raised the amount that they will receive from $600 to $1 200 so it has now become more meaningful,” he said.