Government Agents Sweat Over Anti- Zanu PF Graffiti
21 March 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|State security agents are on high alert after noticing anti- Zanu PF graffiti on several bulidings in the ancient city of Masvingo.

Police officers on leave have been called for duty as the regime grapples with rising dissent.

“What is disturbing is that Masvingo is usually very quiet so we are seized with the spraying of graffiti on buildings in the Central Business District. We have noticed that those who sprayed the walls have political motives.

We suspect the opposition is working with pressure groups to cause havoc in the country,” an intelligence source told on Saturday.

“This (spraying of graffiti) is a matter that we need to resolve urgently,” added the source.

Residents of the ancient city of Masvingo are also unhappy with the shocking 500% adjustment of water rates.

Disgruntled citizens are also calling for the immediate release of political prisoners.

Graffiti in Masvingo City