Police Arrest 182 Border Jumpers
23 March 2021
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ZRP over the weekend reportedly arrested 182 border jumpers countrywide as they intensify patrols at various ports of entries to combat border jumping.

The arrests were confirmed by ZRP National Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner who told the publication that last weekend they arrested 275 border jumpers including 23 minors for attempting to cross into South Africa without valid documents :

Members of the public are warned from using unauthorised ports of entry or exits and failing to declare their goods.

Police have arrested 182 people for violating the Immigration Act on Operation “No to Cross Border Crimes/ Fhasi Ngamilandu Yamukanoni/ Mhosva Pamiganhu Ngadzipere/ Amacala Kawaphele Emingceleni Yelizwe.”

Since the onset of the operation on January 7, 2021, a total of 8 299 arrests have been made

Some of the people arrested were fined while some are expected to appear in court soon. ZRp revealed that have increased border patrols in a bid to curb rampant cases of smuggling between the 2 countries.

Zimbabwe is yet to open its borders after closing them in January following the country’s COVID-19 second wave that was experienced after the festive season.-The Herald