Bomb To Explode With Devastating Effect To Explode In Harare- Japajapa.
26 March 2021
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Paddington Japajapa

Zimbabwe is sitting on a very highly explosive social bomb to explode in the near future unless government act now.

In about 10 years from today millions of Zimbabweans born after independence would have reached retirement age.Most of them have never been formally employed so they would have no pension savings at retirement age.

The danger of having majority of people in informal employment is the people would not be having pension savings at retirement.

Zimbabweans are employed as makorokoza, kiyakiyas, secondhand clothes vendors etc are not able to save for retirement as their income is for hand to mouth.This creates a very dangerous political,economic and social problems.

Unless millions of jobs are created as soon as possible the country will have an unsustainable old age expecting foodhandouts and medical care from government with a very small tax base.

Even those who benefited from the land resettlement programme will at one time be unable to survive on farm as they wont have the energy and power to farm.They will be on land as their retirement old people’s homes.Most of Rhodesian created small purchase areas (Matemganyika)are no longer productive as the owners are old and can not work on the land.

Zimbabwe must work on a model which promotes social welfare care for the aged and more importantly with the situation in the country in which millions of retired would not have saved a single dollar.

The situation is going to be worse as all civil servants that is soldiers, police officers, CIOs, Prison officers,teachers, nurses etc are unable to build houses during their working terms.The government is likely to throw thousands if not millions into retirement as destitutes.

In 10 to 20 years we are likely to have more former civil servants and government workers sleeping in the streets if nothing is addressed immediately. The pleasure of soldiers and police officers of staying in camps and barracks is short lived.The luxury of teachers and nurses of staying in school and government accommodation is short lived.The luxury of work uniform is short lived as retirement is yearly knocking on the door.A good government plans for the future of its citizens. Is this ZanuPF government having a clear plan for the social welfare of those to retire without pension savings?

??✋???Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good !!