MDC Alliance Assembly Of Women Pays Tribute To Amai Susan Tsvangirai
26 March 2021
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The MDC Alliance Assembly of Women today remembers the great works done by the late Amai Susan Tsvangirai who was killed in a designed collision on the Harare- Masvingo Road on 6 March 2009.

Zanu PF is well known for using road accidents to eliminate anybody who opposes their view, even from within their own party. One cannot even start to count how many people have been eliminated so far since Robert Mugabe regime, from the likes of Herbert Chitepo, Moven Mahachi, Elliot Manyika, Boarder Gezi and many more others.

Susan Tsvangirai was a motherly figure of MDC and the nation as a whole as witnessed by the number of people who attended her burial at Humanikwa Homestead in Buhera which shocked the world. Even the late Morgan Richard Tsvangirai was amused as he openly said he would not have such a crowd on his funeral.

Though she avoided direct public spotlight, she played a significant role in the Zimbabwean politics, becoming one of the most popular figures within the MDC-T, supporting her husband and the struggle behind the scenes.

Amai Tsvangirai, on several occasions managed to comfort and support a lot political violence victims. At some time she would bring food for the incarcerated members and supporters and upon receiving the food she would even kiss the forehead of each supporter encouraging them to be strong and soldier on.

Though she was taken away so soon, she was optimistic change would come one day and with President Advocate Nelson Chamisa, Change is indeed inevitable. It will surely come and her efforts won’t be in vain.

She supported and stood strongly by her husband as he faced treason charges and heavy police beatings for opposing Robert Mugabe .

She was indeed a pillar of strength to all members, supporters and her husband as she kept on encouraging us to soldier on. In a struggle of this magnitude, one needs someone to lean on and she was always there for him, for her family and for all of us.

As we continue to celebrate the women’s month as the MDC Assembly of women, we celebrate Mama Susan Tsvangirai’s life and thank her for the great works that she did amongst us and the struggle continues. May Her Dear Soul Continue To Rest In Power.

Barbara G.Tanyanyiwa
Spokesperson MDC-A Assembly of Women.

Susan Tsvangirai