Zimbabwe Is Not Zanu PF’s Private Property-MDC Alliance
26 March 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Zimbabwe is not Zanu PF’s private property, MDC Alliance has said.

In a statement on Wednesday, the MDC Alliance Namibia described Zanu PF Political Commissar, Victor Matemadanda as a hopeless daydreamer.

Matemadanda said war veterans would not surrender the country to MDC Alliance leader, President Nelson Chamisa.

Below is the MDC Alliance Namibia statement:


24 MARCH 2021

Zanupf political commissar old man Victor Matemadanda has sensationally pronounced they (war veterans) did not liberate this country to donate or surrender it to Chamisa. It must be clear to the overambitious former taxi driver that President Advocate Nelson Chamisa Wamba Dia Wamba is the rightful alternative with the full potential to put the economy on a sounder footing. Matemadanda must also be reminded that Zimbabwe is not Zanupf’s private property, we are all Zimbabweans therefore trying to personalise our beloved country by these morons should be resisted with equal measure. He will finally realise that his dream of a dead Mdc Alliance is just a fallacy once they allow by-elections on the illegally recalled legislators and councillors.

Mdc Alliance Namibia would like to send its message to Victor Matemadanda about liberation. By definition: Liberation is defined as being set free , or obtaining equal rights ; it is a process of striving to achieve equal rights and status of citizens; it can also be the action of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression, release. Under Zanupf governance nothing mentioned above is attainable, what we see is a serious clamp down on the voices of dissent when citizens demonstrate against profound social, political and economic inequalities. It is from this pathetic background that we wake up to hear that Matemadanda is saying” Chamisa’s party is melting like a candle and they are not yet done”. As a district , we urge Zanupf to concentrate on the economy that has struggled for decades now due senseless looting and barefaced corruption practised through cartels.

Furthermore, we reiterate that with this prolonged cruel , inhuman and unjust treatment of opposition activists demonstrate that Zimbabweans are not yet liberated! Right now we have Hon Joana Mamombe and Cecilia Chimbiri in Chikurubi maximum prison residing with a satanic snake and many other political prisoners. This is more than colonial persecution and torture of citizens just for holding a press conference demanding justice to Cde Makomborero Haruzivishe who is incarcerated for expressing his political opinions. This Matemadanda can simply be described as an uneducated clan-tribal village thug perennially in support of a monocratic, thugocratic regime with a clear record of unprecedented human butchery, gross human rights abuses, abductions, disappearances , tribalism , racism led by a clueless and unapologetic clan-tribal minded Karanga -Chinhu chedu massacre of Matebeleland and Midlands , who called his own peoples cockroaches and barking dogs.

Moreover, the presence of the social act of placing severe restrictions on individuals, individual groups or institutions does not reflect any liberation in Zimbabwe. Zanupf must note that citizens are quite aware that Victor Matemadanda and his boss Mr Mnangagwa are using the liberation struggle to loot and squander the fortunes of the Zimbabwean people. The shocking selective application of the law in the country is a clear testimony pointing to the perpetual tyranny where dissenting voices are muted through prosecution. One-Man-One-Vote is being reversed day and night by Zanupf autocrats and their surrogates who were busy since March 2020 with parliamentary manoeuvres that saw Mdc Alliance illegally losing 39 or more MPs and 81 of councillors. This is a clear reversal of the supposed gains of the so-called liberation struggle which was anticipated to deliver constitutional democracy.

Moreso, Mdc Alliance Namibia orders Matemadanda to desist from commenting on the liberation war because he is a war deserter and coward. He hibernated in Zambia where he was a taxi driver when the liberation struggle and its iconic luminaries diligently fought for independence , said Rundu Branch Spokesperson. The corrupt practices in Zanupf government are the actions that are subverting the dreams and aspirations of the genuine liberators and further undermine democracy and deny millions of Zimbabwean citizens their national cake.

In a nutshell, Zanupf must concentrate on trying to fulfill its 2018 manifesto before thinking about the next elections. President Advocate Nelson Chamisa will bounce back with #CitizensCovergenceForChange where a broader Alliance of progressive citizens will be put in place to demand for comprehensive political and electoral reforms to promote credible, free and fair elections in 2023. Matemadanda and his desperate cronies must be ready to accept defeat because this time the citizens will defend their vote. Mdc Alliance Namibia says , “Not yet Uhuru!” We shall converge as citizens and confront Zanupf Satanists for complete change.

Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya

Victor Matemadanda