Hubby Beaten For Confronting Cheating Wife
21 May 2021

By A Correspondent- Daniel Mabaso from Gwabalanda suburb in Bulawayo is a heartbroken man. This is because his cheating wife Singinkosi Mabaso was in the habit of beating him up whenever he confronted her about her infidelity.

And what hurts Daniel more is that Singinkosi had since moved out of the matrimonial home to stay with one of her alleged lovers.

Before she moved out of the house, Singinkosi was always coming home late and at times sleeping out claiming that she would be at a friend’s place which her husband was not aware of.

An aggrieved Daniel poured his heart out at the Bulawayo Civil Court where he was seeking a protection order against Singinkosi claiming she was abusive towards him.

“Singinkosi Mabaso is my wife but we are no longer staying together. She moved out of the house in December 2020 after I discovered that she was cheating on me with a married man. She has been verbally and physically abusing me.

“At one time she poured a bucketful of water on me while I was sleeping on the bed. Before she moved out of the house she was always coming home late and at times she would lie that she will be sleeping at a friend’s place,” complained Daniel.

He said when he tried to reprimand her about her cheating behaviour, Singinkosi would turn violent and assault him.

“When I tried to reprimand her over her infidelity, she threatened me saying I would be assaulted or killed by unknown people. When she came to collect her clothes; she forcibly took my phone saying I owed her money. When I tried to take it back, she then stabbed me with a pair of scissors,” said Daniel.

In response Singinkosi dismissed her estranged husband’s accusations. She said Daniel was also violent towards her.

“He is also violent and we used to fight. I have a scar on my eye which he inflicted on me while we were fighting. It is not true that I stabbed him with a scissors, I prickled him with my long nails. The problem we were always fighting is that he didn’t want us to move from Gwabalanda where we were staying close to his sister’s house,” responded Singinkosi.

In her ruling presiding magistrate Nkosinomusa Ncube ordered the parties not to physically abuse each other before he referred them for counselling.