Toddler Drowns In A Well
24 May 2021

By A Correspondent- A five-year-old boy from Bulilima drowned in a 10 metre-deep well while he was playing with his friends.

Matabeleland South acting provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Thabani Mkhwananzi confirmed the incident which occurred last Friday at around 3 PM at Mbuyane Village in Madlambuzi area.

He said the boy Dumiso Moyo was in the company of his 14-year-old sister when he went to play near a well.

“I can confirm that we recorded a sudden death by drowning case which occurred in Mbuyane Village in Madlambuzi. Dumiso Moyo and other children went with his 14-year-old sister to a nearby well where she wanted to wash some clothes. His sister collected the water from the well and they went to a point about 30 metres away to wash the clothes,” he said.

“Dumiso and the other children went back to the well to drink water and they left his sister behind. They started running around the well and Dumiso slipped and fell into the well. The other children alerted Dumiso’s sister who notified her mother who was at home.”

Asst Insp Mkhwananzi said the matter was reported to the police who attended the scene and Dumiso’s body was retrieved from the well.
He urged guardians to ensure they closely monitored children especially when they were around water sources.

“This is the second incident we have recorded within a week of a youngster who died by drowning. As police, we urge guardians to supervise children when they are playing especially if it’s near water points. Children shouldn’t be allowed near water sources unsupervised as we have lost several lives as a result of such negligence,” said Asst Insp Mkhwananzi.

“Guardians should also strongly warn children against swimming in water sources without adult supervision. There is also a need for communities to secure their wells or water points so that children or even animals don’t fall in.”