EXCLUSIVE: Mnangagwa Afraid Of Constantino Chiwenga, Marry Speaks.
29 May 2021
Emmerson Mnangagwa

Below is the transcript of a brief conversation in which Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife, Marry, pours her heart out on her ordeal, saying among other things that she has been banned from seeing her children, and it is now nearly 2 years since the last contact. She also says that Emmerson Mnangagwa will it confront his deputy because he is afraid of him.

Marry speaks to ZimEye’s Simba Chikanza (Simba).

Simba: Can you hear me
Marry: I can yes who is calling?
Simba: It’s Simba. Simba Chikanza
Marry: Yes Simba kanjani ?
Simba: How are you feeling
Marry: Not too well I am not too well haa I am not too well; this nightmare must end because do you know, if maybe If I was seeing my children maybe things could have been better maybe I could recover….(cut)
Marry: I was saying that maybe if I was seeing my children, you know, maybe by now I would be better you know but now uuum almost 2yrs huh?

I don’t have access to my children.

Simba : Not even a phone call?
Marry: Nothing, absolutely nothing absolutely nothing zero….. like I don’t exist
Simba: No communication whatsoever from him?
Marry: Absolutely nothing nothing nothing I have heard of evil people; this is beyond evil. This is beyond evil. What do you tell children about their mother? Unoti kuvana mai venyu varipi? – what will you tell the children regards the whereabouts of their mother? … What will you say about the whereabouts of their mother? What do you say to them. What will you say about their mother’s whereabouts? Where is she? Because surely by now if he has got any common sense at all he knows that the things that he has been saying or whatever the things that he has been told do not exist, it’s a lie..but ya he went to extremes, he went to extremes. Who can survive not seeing the children for almost two years? My daughter, my daughter is going to be ten, my son is going to be nine and my other son is going to be…. oh he is seven.

I have not seen them in almost 2 yrs; you know how important it is for us mothers to take your son infact to take your child to school like on their first day of grade 1. I was denied that opportunity so aahhh hakuna; there is nothing like that like I don’t know ….I don’t ….
I have lost a considerable amount of weight I am a slim person but now I have come from slim to skinny like oooh aaah yeah… yeah… I don’t know coz I don’t know what else to do I mean because obviously the judiciary is conflicted. I spoke to number 1 because I thought oh ok that maybe as his boss he could knock some sense into him but nothing
Simba: When was the last time you spoke to number 1?

Marry: Oh yeah I haven’t spoken to him in a while because I just thot that maybe waal let me just stop because ndakaona ndakaona you know like vanga va…like he stopped responding to my messages eeeeh he stopped responding to my messages after I sent him lots of messages bamkuru my children bamkuru my children bamkuru my children noothing nothing nothing.
Simba: And that was last year or the previous year; was that last year 2020 or this year?
Marry: What?
Simba: Was that last year or this year?
Marry: No this year ….This year 2021.
Over the phone over the phone I think physically he would be scared to see me he would be afraid to see me number 2 anovatyisa meaning that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is afraid of vice president Constantino Chiwenga.
Simba: Really
Marry: Yah Yah Aag I don’t know. I don’t know what else to do; I don’t know where else to go; I don’t know what else to say like I have spoken written everything; nothing.
Simba: There is one thing perhaps that we haven’t done last time when we spoke you had asked me for space to speak and we would pursue an interview like this where you will just pour your heart out..I spoke to SABC and they were ready I think you were too down at that time.
Marry: Do you know I have been in and out of hospital yeah I have been in an out of hospital like and you know like and do you know that there are some things that happen in life and you would never think that aah maybe this is only practical and only happens in movies only or whatever I am just like I am never ever never ever in my life did I think kuti I would one day need to convince somebody that I am actually sick. Court case that occurs in hospital for people to come and say that they want to see if she is sick…(chuckle). They actually did that to come into hospital.

Of course they did they did they did because I hadn’t showed up for court and they were told she is sick and they didn’t believe that I was sick they wanted to come and see I had the magistrate the pps my lawyers the police the what ah yah I am telling you
Simba: Do you remember which magistrate was that. Would you remember?
Marry: Huh?
Simba: Do you remember which magistrate this was that came to court
Marry: Aggg I can’t remember her name .I can’t remember her name . like they change every other time I go to court. It’s not the same person all the time I have lost track of who is who and what is what but yeah she came to the hospital.
Simba: We would want to give you an opportunity so you can scream this beyond just print so a proper audio broadcast like this….
Marry: It’s been hell. It’s been hell…