Man Torments Neighbour Over 2016 Misunderstanding
4 June 2021

A MAN from Cowdray Park suburb had to seek a peace order against his neighbour who has been in the habit of assaulting him in front of his children and also threatening to kill him over an undisclosed misunderstanding.

The two neighbours — Shadreck Ndebele and Blessing Mathe have an undisclosed long-standing misunderstanding that dates back to 2016.

Mathe always picks an argument with Ndebele that culminates in him turning Ndebele into a punching bag. He would also insult his neighbour.

Recently Mathe caused a scene as he hurled profanities at his neighbour at the shops before he punched him all over the body. Mathe went on to swear at Ndebele and threatened to kill him.

On the same day in the evening he confronted the hapless Ndebele at his home and accused him of disrespecting him. At the height of the accusations the daring Mathe picked an empty beer bottle and hit him on the head.

Ndebele opened an assault case at Luveve Police Station which was recorded under case number CR 103/5/21.

Mathe is also in the habit of launching verbal attacks at Ndebele’s children while threatening to kill them.

Ndebele was left with no option but to apply for a protection order against his troublesome neighbour.

“I am applying for a protection order against Blessing Mathe who is my neighbour. He is verbally abusing me by insulting me over a misunderstanding that we had back in 2016. Each time an argument arises between the two of us he would hit me with fists and booted feet. He has been threatening to kill me by setting my house on fire. He also beat me near the shops. Last week on Tuesday he came to my home and made baseless accusations against me. He struck me with an empty beer bottle on the head. I bled profusely. I was lucky to survive because a neighbour intervened and rushed me to Mpilo Central Hospital for treatment.

I reported the matter at Luveve Police Station. He is also in the habit of hurling profanities at my family,” he said.

The two neighbours were supposed to attend the court case last week on Thursday but they did not attend as a result the presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube struck the matter off the court roll.- B-Metro