Mthuli Ncube A Square Peg In A Round Hole- MDC Alliance
9 June 2021

The MDC ALLIANCE Mashonaland East Province noted in a newspaper article dated 06 June 2021 where the Minister of Finance who totally does fit to be a public servant, he is claiming that Zimbabwe has a surplus budget of $9.8 billion and the government has continued efforts in ensuring stabilityand the restoration of market confidence, at a time if not all most civil servants are earning peanuts and low standards of living have been normalised.

Prices of basic commodities and services are beyond the reach of ordinary the majority. And Zimbabwe as a country is relying on handouts on everything imagine a whole president celebrating donations from the USA, UK and other nations on the cyclone idai which they behind the doors looted up today we still have victims of cyclone idai the rightful receptions of the celebrated donations are still living in sharks, covid 19 vaccines we are relying on donations too, we have been reduced to nothing a country whose 90% population is between the jobs, roads and hospitals have become death traps, schools turned into brothels then a ZANU PF appointee claims that r such an insane budget surplus has been recorded, inflation has been arrested.

It stipulates the level of dishonestness this man called Mtuli Ncube is,just as his party ZANU PF is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. The same party that can not account for billions of dollars, the party that recently left jobless throughout the country.

At least Zimbabweans can see for themselves how evil and shameless ZANU PF leaders are worse more Mnangagwa. That’s why we as a party, we are urging people to register and vote for a people centred government in waiting, the MDC Alliance, come 2023 everyone must be counted.

Let us all speak with one voice against poverty,corruption,looting,slave wages, poor service delivery, selective application of the law, monopolistic evictions and ban on private commuters through deranged statutory instruments.

MDC Alliance Mash East Provincial CCC
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Mthuli Ncube