‘Paita Mabasa’: Zim Situation Summed Up By Tuku
11 June 2021

By Leonard Koni| Our current situation in Zimbabwe under this so called new republic is simply summed up by the late Dr Oliver Mtukudzi’s song Paita Mabasa.

When people across the country thought that there was only one deadly pandemic Covid19 hitting them, it did not cross their minds that there was another pandemic in the form of the  revolutionary party which was coming to hit them even more harder.

The lyrics “Misodzi yapera hapana achachema ,zvakurwadzira mumoyo chinyararire…” literally meaning things were getting tough and crying was a shear waste of time because the tears have already dried up and one could just wail deep in their hearts.

The song today is full if deeper meaning and this is what we are exactly experiencing today.

Oliver Mtukudzi was so prophetic. We have now come at the tipping and boiling point where things are now tough and people have become so hopeless.

Market malls are a source of income generating projects and employment where families are surviving on. Unfortunately they are being destroyed without the government giving an alternative solution.

The cost of living has gone up, people are struggling to put a decent meal on the table. University graduates and school levers are finding it tough to find jobs because the jobs are not even there.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is making headlines all over the country for wrong reasons spiking vehicles and wielding long reach baton sticks.

We have a ruthless government which does not care on where its people will get their next meal. This is not the first time where authorities have embarked on demolishing informal markets but failing to create jobs for these people who are eking out an honest living.

Surprisingly they are destroying these malls today but next year or towards elections they will start issuing stands for these malls everywhere in town and surrounding suburbs in order to lure votes. For someone to get a stand they must produce or be a Zanu PF card holder.

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