Nehanda’s Wrath
12 June 2021

The lizard tailless on woodpile in me,
Sprouts in anger volcanic
Before these gathered vision tourists,
Apostles to Nehanda unveiling.
I set forth my binocular woes,
To capture brewing wars,
Footsteps in flight circle
Through the mental plot,
A kiss contest with the crocodile
I smell Lucifer’s sickle,
I smell rhythmless sickness,
The sound of clapping buttocks
Cheers on the State Coroner,
The footbridge to the
Latter-day Pioneer Column
Political aversion.
In Nicodemus clueless thought,
As in spiritual pilgrimage
I sought answers out of events cemetery,
Her head curated a centenary
Calendars in London museum,
But no such truths could be exhumed
from such cremated
Pathological propaganda tombs;
Being not a full fool
In perpetual gloom
I fled this ludicrous
Pigeons lavatory coronation!

** By Collen Kajokoto.The author is a Harare protest poet and human rights defender