Russia Celebrates National Day
12 June 2021

By Embassy Of Russia | On June 12 Russia celebrates the National Day, which marks the anniversary of adopting the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) in 1990.

On June 12, 1990, when the Soviet Union was on the verge of disintegration, the RSFSR, the biggest Republic of the USSR, followed other Republics by declaring sovereignty and stating that its laws superseded the Soviet ones.

Russia Day is a key factor of shaping the national identity. President
Vladimir Putin said, “We treasure the millennium-long history, great culture and tremendous achievements, the unique natural wealth, the beauty of the huge expanses, the diversity and original identity of Russia’s regions.

We take pride in the labour and military achievements of the predecessors. We see Russia in its full might, remember its millennium-long history.

One of the difficult periods was that of drastic changes taken place during
the 1990s. We remember that well, as everything changed – our economic structure and public and human relations.

These inevitable and overdue changes became, to a large extent, a challenge for people. It was hard for them to start everything from a scratch. They succeeded and in a short period of time created the legal and economic basis of modern Russia, provided endurance and stability for its sovereignty and democratic structure, preserved peace and accord between the peoples of the multiethnic country, and saved and enriched the abundance and variety of its great culture.

This has always been our history. Our Motherland was revived and became stronger due to the solidarity and dedicated labour of millions of people. And today, commitment to the traditions of unity, the high level of nationhood and patriotism is defining Russia’s strength and stamina.”

It is remarkable that just on the eve of Russia Day this year Sputnik V vaccine was delivered to Harare. The donation is arranged by ALROSA – the world’s major diamond producer and a key Russian investor in Zimbabwe. It is made in support of the humanitarian assistance provided by the Russian Federation to
the Republic of Zimbabwe in order to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

During the official State House handover ceremony on June 11,
H.E. the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Cde. E.D.Mnangagwa congratulated H.E. the President of the Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin and the People of Russia with the National Day and expressed deep appreciation for
the donation. It was emphasized that being aware of the heavy burden carried by
the People and the Government of Zimbabwe due to the pandemic,
ALROSA rendered critical and timely support to the ongoing vaccination campaign.

ALROSA activities in Zimbabwe represent a vivid example of
the sustainable development of the bilateral cooperation in mining. The Joint Venture established with the ZCDC carries out prospect and exploration works for primary diamond deposits. It is set to contribute significantly to achieving the goals of the National Development Strategy of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

The act of goodwill and social responsibility corresponds to the Russian-Zimbabwean agreements at the highest level and the decisions of
the Intergovernmental Commission for Economic, Trade, Scientific and Technical Cooperation. This is the evidence of Moscow’s commitment to expand mutual partnership based on the longtime and deep rooted tradition of solidarity and brotherhood.

Russia-Zimbabwe friendship reflects the essence of the broader partnership focused on preparing the Second Russia-Africa Summit. The event envisaged for 2022 will enhance the interaction among government bodies and business circles on various treks. It will open new avenues for major Russian economic projects aimed at ensuring sustainable social and economic growth on the African continent.