Desist From Unnecessary Theories And Conclusions About TB Joshua’s Death, Says Sekuru Banda
14 June 2021

Celebrated Zimbabwean traditional healer Sekuru Banda has urged society to desist from making unnecessary theories and conclusions around the death of Nigerian televangelist Temitope Balogun Joshua popularly known as TB Joshua who died last week.

Speaking to ZimEye, Sekuru Banda dismissed circulating narratives about TB Joshua’s death saying those seeking publicity were drifting away from African values and culture.

He also lashed at a Ghanaian traditional healer Nana Kwaku Bonson who is claiming to have bewitched TB Joshua dismissing his remarks as only a publicity stunt.

“We should not seek answers when a person dies. Death is God’s time. Let’s not seek fame and publicity from someone’s death. God is the ultimate judge. Let’s abandon the culture of being judgmental when a prominent figure dies as in the case of this Ghanaian traditional healer” Sekuru Banda said.

“When God created us, each one of us was given a timeline, so death is God’s time lets not look for answers when a person dies, lets not talk too much about the deceased persons or seek to gain publicity, God is the final arbiter not us,” added Sekuru Banda.

The philantropist traditional healer expressed concern on the erosion of African cultural values saying instead of respecting the deceased, people were speaking ill of TB Joshua.

“I am not supporting TB Joshua but I am just concerned that people nowadays speak ill of a deceased person and this particular case, they never said those things when he was still alive,” said Sekuru Banda.

The influential Nigerian preacher died on 5 June at the age of 57. The cause of his death was not revealed.