Prison Guard In Hot Soup Over Anti-Mnangagwa Utterances
18 June 2021

By A Correspondent Prison authorities have targeted a prisons officer who was arraigned before the courts on charges of insulting President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Peter Kudzai Mushonga is being charged for using “traitorous and disloyal” words regarding the President or the government.

He is being charged according to section 3(1) of the Prisons (Staff) (Discipline) Regulations 1984 (using traitorous or disloyal words regarding the President or the government) or alternatively “being guilty of any other act, conduct, disorder, or neglect of duty to the prejudice of good order or discipline”.

When he appeared in court last week, Mushonga was being represented by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights lawyer Kudzai Choga.

The allegations were that Mushonga insulted Mnangagwa by posting a comment on social media platforms, which had a picture attached showing the President and traditional chiefs genuflecting to the statue of Mbuya Nehanda.

Mushonga is alleged to have commented that: “I wish all those kneeling in respect of the statue of the goddess go mad.”