Buying Expensive Vehicles For Selected Individuals While Nation Is Suffering – A Reflection Of Hypocrisy
26 July 2021

By Talent Rusere

Passion Java is being used by Zanu Pf to defocus the young generation from the failures of Zanu Pf under the Mnangagwa “stop making noise on the streets,,make money” banner.

The cars bought for Mai Titi and Madam Boss are not a present from Java but a Zanu Pf contact to capture the Zimbabwean youth.

Buying expensive cars for rich individuals in a community where there are no functional hospitals, no functional schools, no employment, no food security for over 90% of the population seriously defies common sense and defines pure hypocrisy.

It’s high time as youths we stand against corporate politics and plundering of National resources for the best interest of politicians and government activists.

This kind of mendicious politics is undermining our rights as the youths of Zimbabwe.

It is our choice to defend ourselves and the future of our country as the youths.