“Silence Is Golden”: Biti Trashes Mid Term Budget Review
31 July 2021

By A Correspondent- MDC Alliance vice president Hon Tendai Biti has dismissed Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube’s Midterm Budget Review calling it a case of vain glory.

Hon Biti, who is also a former Finance Minister, has pointed out that as long Kuda Tagwirei is controlling State resources, the economy will remain grounded.

Below is Hon Biti’s argument:

The Mid Term Review Statement presented was a terrible exercise in self absorbency ,vain glory and narcissism.

A mid term statement is not mandatory and where there is no message or policy direction sometimes silence is golden.

The country faces humongous challenges …

It is common cause that that the Refinery has been parceled out to interests controlled by Kuda Tagwireyi and his associates in high offices. At this rate just like Banyailand became Rhodesia after Cecil Rhodes, Zimbabwe will become Kudasville after Tagwireyi. What a shame !!

Disclosures in the Mid Term Review that Regime has disposed 60% of State’s shareholding in country’s sole gold refinery Fidelity Printers& Refiners to undisclosed elements is shocking&nauseating.The cannibilization&asset stripping taking place under Mnangwagwa is primitive ..

… approve and sanction any disposal of State Assets held in entities created by Parliament itself. At a time when there is a commodity boom it is foolish and naked corruption to dispose of any commodities let alone a refinery. Such disposal is an act of treason and sabotage.

Mthuli Ncube