“Ban Zanu PF Political Meetings During COVID-19 Outbreak”
2 August 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|The MDC Alliance has challenged Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration to agree with teachers and parents on the opening of schools.

Last week Mr Mnangagwa announced schools would be opened in spite of the rising COVID-19 cases.

Below is the MDC Alliance weekly health update:

MDC Alliance Health Alert
15th Edition

Sunday 01 August 2021

Coping with the Delta variant

We are now seeing an unprecedented number of covid-19 infections when we compare with the first and second waves. Over the last four weeks we had 53703 new infections and 1551 deaths. For the first and second waves combined, up to May 31st 2021, we had 38961 cases and 1594 deaths. The carnage caused by this Delta variant is self evident. It seems to be more vicious in transmissibility and severity of illness, and seems to be affecting younger members of the population also.

We must re-visit our prevention and clinical management of the disease if we are to conquer this virus. We must employ all the covid 19 safe practices with more diligence as we add new tools in our arsenal.

Firstly, all public meetings must stop. It’s ironical that church meetings of up to 50 people, the most disciplined meetings in the land where everybody is generally sober and masked up, have been banned while political meetings and large gatherings of other politically aligned sects are allowed to go on. In the rural areas other people are systematically flouting the lockdown regulations by regularly calling for meetings of over 200 people.

There is a huge outcry from the rural areas. That irresponsible behavior must stop, because this third wave is hitting rural areas as much as urban areas. We continue to implore government to ensure that there is social distancing in the buses, that means availing more buses and removing the greedy ZUPCO monopoly.

Secondly, government must accelerate vaccination of the population. Distances to clinics in the rural areas are too long, and mobile clinics must be deployed to every district. The elderly and those with co-morbidities need the vaccine most, but they can’t walk those long distances.

We are still expecting government to make a pronouncement on the efficacy and safety of all the vaccines that we are using. That will surely motivate any who are still doubting. Once again we urge all Zimbabweans to be vaccinated. This is our ticket out of the pandemic. Vaccination must remain a matter for free choice. The majority of Zimbabweans want to be vaccinated now. Lets make the vaccine available.

Let’s remember that even if you are fully vaccinated for Covid-19 you can still carry and spread the disease to other people, so let’s all continue to mask up, practise social distancing, stay at home as much as possible, enjoy out door life where the air blows freely, and seek medical care early if you have any covid-19 symptoms like fever, headache, general aches and pains, dry cough, weakness, fatigue, sore throat, loss of sense of smell or taste, shortness of breath, & feeling pain or pressure in the chest. Seek early treatment for better outcomes. Remember to self isolate. We implore the government to increase the Covid-19 admission facilities and to improve oxygen supply.

Lastly, date for opening of schools must be agreed upon by parents and the teachers’ unions. Both pupils and teachers must be protected.

VaccinateZim #MaskUp #StaySafe

Dr.Henry Madzorera
Secretary for Health and Childwelfare